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'Not got any fivers love


St Helens RLFC

I am SICK TO DEATH of getting all my change in coins! My pockets are likely to explode there's that much schrapnel in it. That's three times in three days a £10 note has wielded a tonne of coins as change. I'm not aware of there being a shortage of fivers in the UK - there seemingly is in the north west!

Now now - I am skint! The problem is that spending coinage doesn't eat into my financial alarm systems - spending notes do!
There has been a shortage in £5 notes for Years... They released a whole new supply a couple of years ago...
Where the f*** do these fivers go then, and why hasn't this new supply reached me (and dan) yet?

I'm always giving customers pound coins instead of fivers.
It's something to do with them not putting fivers in ATMs any more, it has lead to not as many being in circulation.
If people **** me off when I'm in work they get crappy coin change. Stop ******* off the people you buy stuff from in shops and you'll be fine.
Do your banks exchange big bags of coins for notes like they do in the land of OZ? I have the same problem with the coins but I just bring all the coins together and exchange them for notes every now and then....doesn't change the problem about the bundles of coins though....maybe write a letter to the Queen?
Four times in three days.

TRF is set to launch the Bring Back our Fiver campaign at this rate!
I rarely have any £5 notes to give to people where I work. Someone told me that some large companies keep the notes and then when they need to transfer the money they use the five pound notes.It really makes me feel guilty when I have to give people pound coins back - I get the dirtiest looks from them.
There's an abundance of fivers up here in bonny scotland, but that's cause we've got some nice new modern ones up here.
[schoolyard banter]

It's because your mum only accepts payment in fivers

[/schoolyard banter]

I too have noticed this... coupled with that fact that when one does manage to get hold of one of the little blighters, it is almost without exception horribly worn and usually ripped... can anybody (ok, anybody not in Scotland) remember the last time they had a NEW five pound note?

If I didn't only deal in twenties and fifties myself I'd be really angry...
There's an abundance of fivers up here in bonny scotland, but that's cause we've got some nice new modern ones up here.
Scotland is truely the land of kings!
I want some fivers damnit, even had the cheek to give me change in 50ps and a few 20ps this week too.
Things seem to be getting better (in cardiff at least) because there hasn't been a shortage of fivers for many a month now.
Scotland is the land of Kings...after all, it is my birthplace.

If you don't agree, we'll all come round with some buckie and brick yer windaes!
Inflation! The fiver will eventually be turned in to a coin, and then we'll all be wondering why there's a shortage of tenners.

Seriously, anyone seeing price rises that hit their pocket?
Surely it's cheaper to print money rather than mint coins though? £1 notes please...

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