[November Tests 2016 EOYT] Ireland vs. New Zealand (05/11/2016)

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by TRF_heineken, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. The_Blindside

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    British Irish Lions

    Quite clearly the ABs cheated in that game - constantly offside, forward passes, the ref was on their side and the Irish players were suffering from Norovirus and poisoned by some waitress. And the injuries, don't forget the injuries. :).
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  3. Five Meters Out

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    Apr 23, 2015
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    As tough and determined as the Irish effort was, the All Black team had frailties from the start and those left standing at the end were always going to struggle to finish over the top for the win.
    Of the starting lineup Aaron Smith still appeared to be thinking about his off field issues, the makeshift lock combination saw All Black lineouts become a shambles, Sam Cane returning from long injury lay off and not playing Dagg or L-Brown was not giving Irish the respect they deserved.
    Then came the injuries and once you've got a forward playing in the backs - you've little hope of clawing back a deficit against a passionate team.

    One thing is now certain. The Dublin game will be well worth watching. There will be no experimenting or rotation for the game in Dublin. The Irish will play the best All Black Team and they will be very motivated. The Dublin game will be the yardstick on how close other teams are to the All Blacks - not the game played in Chicago.
  4. nik

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    Jan 4, 2005
    It's easy enough to point out which players didn't perform but if you look at the performance in the first half it was poor from every single AB. It was a sluggish performance, one team was in it, the other not.

    The attitude wasn't there and defense is characterised by attitude. We turned over ball but we also defended poorly. We conceded 5 tries in one game, the same number of tries we conceded in 6 RC matches against Argentina , Australia and South Africa.

    For some reason that hunger wasn't there. Maybe we did take the game too lightly. Doesn't matter now, there is fire in the belly for the rematch.
  5. The Jones Boy

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    Nov 16, 2013
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    New Zealand

    Fatigue is another issue.
    The boys have had a bloody long season and they were already suffering after the last Bledisloe game.
    Now they have the motivation to do the business.
    Is Whitelock going to be back for Ireland?
  6. Makos

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    Oct 25, 2016
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    Whitelock is still being monitored, but it's positive, they haven't sent him home and he's training in the gym fine. I'd say yes.
  7. The Alpha Bro

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    Dec 3, 2010
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    **** it...

    Team #Twoinarow (We're going 28 unbeaten now by the way)

    15. Payne
    14. Trimble
    13. Ringrose
    12. Henshaw
    11. Zebo
    10. Sexton
    9. Murray
    8. Heaslip
    7. Van der Flier
    6. Stander
    5. Toner
    4. Henderson
    3. Furlong
    2. Best
    1. McGrath

    16. Cronin
    17. Healy
    18. Bealham
    19. Dillane
    20. O'Mahoney
    21. O'Brien
    22. McGrath
    23. Carbery

    Harsh as **** on Kearney and Ryan but to be the best you have to be ruthless!
  8. Immenso

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    Sep 5, 2016
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    New Zealand

    I'm just going to address one point here / the subs situation.

    Using tactical subs has been a big part of our game as we have good depth,
    Almost emptying the bench on 50mins.

    If this then means a subsequent injury results in hookers at flankers and flankers on the wing, then diddums to us. Risk and reward.

    We also had a situation in last bledisloe where Whitelock hobbled the last 10 because we had no subs. If this risk/reward decision exacerbates his injury and we have makeshift locks in the next match. Then diddums, it was a situation we had control of.
  9. Larksea

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    New Zealand

    I think I constantly compared Vito to Messam, and Thomson too when he was in the mix, really good trio of players. Messam wasn't as big or powerful as vito but when games got tough messam often stood out and would make big plays when needed, he would lift his game. For the chiefs he was almost always the best player or the player that stood out when chiefs lost. Vito could have huge games if the pack was dominant overall but he usually always went missing when his pack was struggling, and if you actually followed him you could see he would totally be off his game. I think Vito was too "by the book", he didn't push the boundaries/laws enough in those situations. I also think he was very poor laterally, big and fast for his size but poor agility, kinda old school #8 in that area completely different to Messam as that was arguably his strong point, very mobile as you would expect given he is a touch small compared to your typical 6/8. Lineout, wow vito he was good no question about it. Good hands, front of the lineout was his house.

    I hear you on Piutau. Totally agree, absolutely brilliant player.

    Lowe is obviously more than just consistent/solid. He scores and creates a ton of tries his record clearly shows that. And as mentioned his kicking game is a genuine point of difference. How many wingers, fullbacks or simply players in the world can kick like him? Not many, if any. Pretty much every single game without fail he produces kicks that turn defense into attack or produce significant territory gain.

    Moala was NPC player of the year in 2015? On form probably NZ's best midfielder in 2015. Hes had some insanely good stats on defense at times. This year at the blues hasn't reflected his true ability. he along with Piutau were our best players in that insane game against Samoa last year. and he had a very impressive showing against the welsh before he was injured. Did more in that one welsh game on attack than Fekitoa has done in two seasons. Even in this game his running got us going forward pretty much every time he got the ball. IMO injuries not ability have been his setback. Fit I'd still take him over Fekitoa & Seta. Also seems to make a good impression on the coaches as part of the squad. Your right he may struggle to get the game time to establish himself now with this injury. What he needs to do is find is 2016 super rugby form for the blues next year.
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