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NPC 2005 Draw



12 Aug Waikato v Taranaki Hamilton 7:35 pm
13 Aug Southland v Canterbury Invercargill 2:00 pm
13 Aug Northland v Wellington Whangarei 4:00 pm
13 Aug North Harbour v Auckland Albany 6:05 pm
14 Aug Otago v BOP Dunedin 2:35 pm

19 Aug Wellington v North Harbour Wellington 7:35 pm
20 Aug Canterbury(RS) v BOP Christchurch 2:35 pm
20 Aug Taranaki v Northland New Plymouth 5:00 pm
20 Aug Otago v Auckland Dunedin 7:35 pm
21 Aug Southland v Waikato Invercargill 2:35 pm

26 Aug Wellington v Otago Wellington 7:35 pm
27 Aug Northland v Waikato Whangarei 2:35 pm
27 Aug North Harbour v Canterbury Albany 4:35 pm
28 Aug BOP v Taranaki Tauranga 12:30 pm
28 Aug Auckland v Southland Auckland 2:35 pm

02 Sep Waikato v Wellington Hamilton 7:35 pm
03 Sep Canterbury(RS) v Taranaki Christchurch 2:35 pm
03 Sep Southland v Otago Invercargill 4:35 pm
04 Sep North Harbour v Northland Albany 12:30 pm
04 Sep BOP v Auckland Tauranga 2:35 pm

09 Sep Otago v North Harbour Dunedin 7:35 pm
10 Sep Wellington v BOP Wellington 2:35 pm
10 Sep Northland v Canterbury Whangarei 5:30 pm
10 Sep Auckland v Waikato Auckland 7:35 pm
11 Sep Taranaki v Southland New Plymouth 2:35 pm

16 Sep BOP v North Harbour Rotorua 7:35 pm
17 Sep Taranaki v Auckland New Plymouth 2:35 pm
17 Sep Wellington v Southland Wellington 5:30 pm
17 Sep Canterbury(RS) v Waikato Christchurch 7:35 pm
18 Sep Northland v Otago Whangarei 2:35 pm

23 Sep Canterbury(RS) v Wellington Christchurch 7:35 pm
24 Sep Auckland v Northland Auckland 2:35 pm
24 Sep Otago v Taranaki Dunedin 5:30 pm
24 Sep Southland v BOP Invercargill 7:35 pm
25 Sep North Harbour v Waikato Albany 2:35 pm

30 Sep Auckland v Wellington Auckland 7:35 pm
01 Oct Otago v Canterbury Dunedin 2:35 pm
01 Oct Waikato v BOP Hamilton 5:30 pm
01 Oct North Harbour v Taranaki Albany 7:35 pm
02 Oct Northland v Southland Whangarei 2:35 pm

07 Oct Taranaki v Wellington New Plymouth 7:35 pm
08 Oct Waikato v Otago Hamilton 2:35 pm
08 Oct BOP v Northland Tauranga 5:30 pm
08 Oct Canterbury(RS) v Auckland Christchurch 7:35 pm
09 Oct Southland v North Harbour Invercargill 2:35 pm
I can see it now, BoP to take the shield back - thanks for keeping it safe canterbury
Originally posted by umosay@Jul 18 2005, 01:21 PM
I can see it now, BoP to take the shield back - thanks for keeping it safe canterbury
I can see it now - Umosay arrested for 2 Charges of Dealing and 1 Charge of Using Marijuana.
No thats Marc and Mathew
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@Jul 20 2005, 11:09 AM
No thats Marc and Mathew
You sure it was those 2?

All I heard was that it was 2 Sportstar Celebrarties... although I think I heard the mention of Rugby Players somewhere...
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@Jul 20 2005, 11:21 AM
Nah, I'm just speculating. A few names being thrown around are;
Marc Ellis, Mathew Ridge, Dion Nash, Adam Parorae and Brent Todd

Oh and about the name supression, it only comes into effect if I guess right!
Let the Games Begin...

Im tipping Simon Doull and Matthew Ridge...
well I wouldn't be suprised if they were because they ran that competition this year where somone hosted the show for one night. I heard on 3 news that the 2 sport stars were overseas and not been spoken to yet. It could be Marc and Matt though as they were recently over in japan for that new show they did.
does anyone know where murray deaker is as he hasn't done his monday night show deaker on sport for 2 weeks so he could be overseas maybe.
Originally posted by .:kaftka:.@Jul 21 2005, 05:06 PM

It's gone to **** lately anyway.
Maybe if Lana Coc Kroft took off here Bra it would be more intresting...
One of my Friends taped some of interview off tv3 news and lowered the pitch and you can tell clear as day who it is.

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