NRL, AFL, Cricket games in North America

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by abes58, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    Anyone have an idea where we can purchase games such as these that normally are not released in North America. I was able to obtain a backup of NRL and love it. Would be great to get my hands on these new games such as NRL 2 and the cricket games.

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  3. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    from a shop?
  4. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    I figured a shop was out of the question. But anywhere... I'm not picky.
  5. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    try buying them amazon
  6. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    Would etc deliver to N. America? I know don't have international games like NRL, etc

    Thanks for your help!
  7. I have had this problem. I tried to order WCR off of Amazon and they said they don't deliver to the U.S.
  8. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    I also ran into that problem. I did find a way around it and may be able to help you out. Do you want it for xbox? Is your system modded?
  9. Actually I was wanting it for PS2. But with getting Rugby 2005 and Rugby League 2 and WCR@ coming out later, I'm just going to wait for them. What do you mean by my system being "modded"?
  10. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    You can modify an Xbox such that it will play copied games, non region games (ie. in North America will play PAL games) and also install a hard drive that lets you copy games right to the hard disc and play them right from there (you get a big, computer harddrive).

    so in THEORY you COULD rent a game, copy it and then return it. It'll stay on your system.

    Of course I'd never do ANYTHING like that.
  11. No, of course you wouldn't [​IMG] But no, don't have that stuff. Which reminds me, if I wanted a game that was not released in the U.S. or North America, can I still play that game on my PS2 or do I have to have something done to it? Seeing as how I'm interested in getting Rugby League 2 and perhaps the upcoming Cricket and Aussie Rules Football games from Ea, not being compatible with my PS2 would be a real annoyance.
  12. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    They are not compatible. Those games normally aren't released in North America.

    North American games (and dvd movies I think) work on NTSC I think... it's called Region 1 at any rate.

    Europe and Oceania use the PAL system for games.

    Thus and alas the games not released in North America are likely not going to play in your PS2 unless you get it modded to accept both burned and out of region games. If you live in a big city it shouldn't be that hard to find someone to do it.

    Of course using burned games is only legal if one owns a copy of the game... the burned disc is a backup in case the original breaks. It is illegal to use burned games if you don't own the actual game. It is also illegal to exceed the speed limit when driving [​IMG] .

    It is good to support the makers of games you like though. Rugby 2005 was released and I picked it up straight away cause I want the sales figures to reflect the fact that we want EA to continue to release rugby games on a yearly basis.
  13. f*** [​IMG]
  14. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    Yeah, doesn't make much sense does it?
  15. it''s called warez my friend [​IMG]

    No i don't provide links
  16. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    I find warez to be more trouble then they're worth most times. Of the sites that my friend 'ahem' has been to you have to go to about three advertising sites, get your computer slammed with spyware and maybe then get your game IF the links all work and it all comes off.

    Maybe I just haven't had much luck with it.
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