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Odd query: Was there any update on the 37 year old irish fan gang R'd in an alley way in Bordeaux during the RWC?

dirty harry

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Jun 24, 2023
I'm struggling to find an update, I remember being in Bordeuax that weekend, and it being spoken about before the police report made,
But since returning home noone seems to have an update.

:confused: December
Ye I saw that one. Update, no update.

The story went wild on the Monday, and the reporting stopped on the Wednesday.

I read a statement on a French outlet claim the woman was 'known to guarda' for previous reports, and that she had no injury corroborating her account.

I also read some police statement saying their working theory was that it was 3 Romaniand who fled France before the report was made.

Very strange though, that area of the town was swarming with people all night long, Welsh, Irish and French mostly, with very few Fijians, Romanians, and English. Also CCTV cover every angle, yet no update?

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