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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by St Helens RLFC, May 26, 2004.

  1. woodie

    woodie Guest

    what the **** is l33t?!
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  3. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    On another forum.... never mind.
    ...well its ummm....
    lets stay on topic.
  4. Delayed a week according to the chap in GAME. Only to be expected - the game failed all of the tests at Sony.
  5. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    What kind of tests?
  6. Don't know their names. All to do with coding and all that.
  7. woodie

    woodie Guest

    So it hasn't failed on like Drug and violence laws?
  8. No as far as I'm aware it hasn't got anything to answer to regarding real life scenarios. I was told it had failed the tests two weeks ago, it seems the problems will take longer to fix than first thought sadly.
  9. woodie

    woodie Guest

    Release date back to 29th October.

    Apparantely this little beauty has something to do with it

    The PStwo:

  10. I believe the question on everyones mind regarding the new GTA is: Will we be able to kill and eat children?

    . . . and you call yourselves fans . . . I'll get me coat . . .

    Seriously folks, the whole shovel/digging things seems kinda disturbing. I mean, think about it. Sure we're desensitized to shooting hookers at point blank, but now we gotta maybe hide the bodies?

    And I'm still against the whole eating/fitness thing. I gotta concentrate on keeping my criminal healthy while I pig out on fatburger, fried lard, and insects -- think of the guilt!
  11. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    I don't think burying bodies will come in to it, except maybe in a mission. I would say the shovel is purely for hitting things.
  12. Agreed.
  13. top gun

    top gun Guest

    GTA seems to have taken the eating & fitness component from the Sims series. It should be a good edition. check out this site, it seems to have a good summary of the game
  14. woodie

    woodie Guest

    1 month & 1 day until it is released. [​IMG]
  15. Do you also have to use protection while doing your thing with prostitutes now? If you don't perhaps you are forced to go out and get a regular job to support your new family. Like working at McD's or something......
  16. Very good point, SaintsFan.

    Can you . . . procreate . . . little criminals . . . ?

    Must choose your hookers wisely. Chase them first, maybe with the shovel, and see if they can run -- your little criminal will be hard to catch. If she can take a beating -- your little criminal will be tough.

    This is why I don't create video games.

    But, as I said before, this game would rock awesome if it had dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs dressed like hookers.
  17. I'm sure we can squeeze Katie Price into the game somehow.......
  18. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

  19. jinxed_nz

    jinxed_nz Guest

    Their is also another teaser site:
    Teaser Site

    GTA:SA has also offically been rated MA15+ in Australia and the Australian version will feature "Medium Level Animated Violence" and "Medium Level Coarse Language".
    Which shows its censorship because the North American version gave the game descriptions of "Intense Violence" and "Strong Language".
    So if you are in Australia and do not want the censor version, Pre-order from G.P. store now!
  20. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    29th of October is the Day my Social Life will be layed to rest
  21. [​IMG]

    Football Manager 2005


    Pro Evolution Soccer 4


    GTA San Andreas


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