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    The petition to get Rugby to the Olympics
    Rugby is competing for inclusion to the Olympic Games with several other sports, like Karate, Golf, Squash and possibly even underwater Chess, Tug of War or something similarly exotic. In 2005 the International Rugby Board failed to get rugby in the Olympic Games 2012 in London. The olympic-rugby.org petition aims to swing the vote this time and generate as much publicity and momentum for the cause as possible, before the decision gets made in October 2009. Rugby is a team sport, so we must team up, scrum down and make it happen. Crouch, touch and pause - Engage!

    What exactly do olympic-rugby.org do with the petition signatures?
    The IOC, the International Olympic Committee is meeting in June 2009 to discuss potential new sports to be included, Golf, Karate, Squash all being serious contenders. In October a decision on the Olympic Sports Program for 2016 will be made at a meeting in Copenhagen - there are two vacant slots! The National Olympic Committees (NOC) will send their representatives to decide at the conference. You and everybody else is free to contact their country's committee member(s) and make a case for your sport's / rugby's inclusion. The NOC's and their members can be found here. Olympic-rugby.org is simplifying that process and provides a one stop platform to channel the combined forces of the rugby world towards the IOC by sending the petition signatures and motivations per country to each IOC member and the National Olympic Committees. The olympic-rugby.org Forwards maul perfectly off the lineout, strong pick and go and they are over the line, delivering 8 million signatures on the final whistle to win the game!

    Why Sevens Rugby at the Olympics?
    15 a side rugby as the traditional form requires a very long tournament (+6 weeks) and an extensive qualification, which is way too long for the Olympic Games format. Sevens is spectacular, high scoring, fast paced, exciting and an easy to understand version of rugby, one that is experiencing fantastic growth and quite simply rocks - even to a novice of the sport! It is also played by men and women, allowing for a dual competition, like at the 7s World Cup in Dubai 2009. It provides a flexible tournament format that allows 16, 20 or 24 countries to compete over two or three days. It is a spectator geared game and traditionally lots of fun is had in the stands. Sevens has been used at the Commonwealth Games, the World Games and the Pan American Games, so it is proven in the "Games" format. The break every seven minutes also won't exactly frighten off sponsors. Carter to Sivivatu, Sivivatu to a boy who is now 15 years old! Go you good thing and he is ouvaaa! Absolutely sensational!
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