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on display!!!

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yes indeed super 14 opened up last night with a fast paced match between the blues and rivals crusaders and a much slower lackadaisical effort from the highlanders and the force..but with that opening to the new season it also highlighted something else to my attention..

the two worst refs in the world rugby right now..i believe...DO Y'ALL AGREE???...

come on im a kiwi and every knows in the rugby circles who hollywood honis is....he is a stupid son of *****..and the black fella...fortane???...he is has to be the worst referee going around right now..i know honis can ref some mint games but come on now...honis is a bone head...that black dude is 10 times worse..so pleez someone put them on the same bus as tasesa lavea and wendall sailor and blow it up!!!

thank you
Honiss was bad, but i dont really mind him as ref.... he's certainly much much better than that joke of a ref Jonathan KRAPlan - once again he did his best to rob an aussie side in the Reds v Canes match - thankfully 2 yellow cards (to the reds) and lop sided penalty count(considering the reds domination) didn't effect the outcome of the match.

Fortane is a muppet, he has no presence of authority over the players. He walks around with that stupid smile on his face, often crying out " please listen to me"

Actually every match i watched this weekend was poorly ref'd, which isn't really a surprise. What surprised me was that,for once, they had no bearing on the outcome of the games.....

Thank god for that!
the thing i hate about fortane...is that he looks like part of dat stupid quota thingy s.a have...like they got a few white refs so they have to have a black ref...f*** that ****...we want quality games and they need quality refs...

not government fkin officials
honiss is a prick for calling that forward pass in the canes/chiefs game..he got his weekly 5 seconds of fame the f***ing moron!..he needs his own tv show so he can stop reffing rugby completely!!!