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On Matt Williams



(starting a new thread for this)

enough with this Matt Williams system, look how he had Leinster playing, he had a hopeless team at Scotland, British teams don't seem to accept foreign coaches and easily make scapegoats of them, the same is true of the Scots with Williams. Anyway getting sidetracked but can't leave that comment unanswered for much longer.

An, Frank Hadden had more or less the same team and same players as Matt Williams did for the previous three or so years and he pulled out of the bag some of the best performances Scotland had produced in a decade!

Matt Williams was an awful, negative jerk of a coach, always banging on about how Scotland had to play within their limitations and always spoke of what constricted Scotland, not on how they should do their very best or how they could improve. He was almost always talking Scotland down and that is not how you coach a team!

I mean, it just boggles the mind! The fact that he cut Scotland back to just a two trick game (1,pass to Patterson or Parks to kick to touch 2. just kick for goal) because in his view Scotland were awful must of had an incredibly demoralizing effect on the players. No wonder morale was at rock bottom when Williams left.

The guy was just an idiot, its got nothing whatsoever to do with how UK teams don't like foreign coaches, if the coach does well then he'll get the respect he deserves (like Steve Hansen, Graham Henry and Scott Johnson for Wales). However, if he just goes around being a negative, patronising and demeaning loser like Williams did at Scotland then he deserves all the stick he gets.

I was studying in Scotland halfway through his reign as Scotland coach and half the time Murrayfield was empty during internationals, the fans couldn't be bothered and neither could the players because Matt Williams seemed to have the motivational skills of David Brent.

To see that transform within the space of three months with an excellent performance against New Zealand and two wins against France and England (something which I think Matt insinuated was beyond Scotland) was incredible. It just shows that if you motivate the men and ask them to push beyond their limitations (that and work out a decent strategy for Scotland to play to) like Hadden has, then you'll get results.
Overall I think Williams is a good coach and he did enjoy some initial success with Scotland. He did have very limited options and some important Scottish players are there now because he gave them a chance.

He had a faily good run with Leinster but he messed up a HEC semi-final against Biarritz by leaving at the time his best two halfbacks on the bench until too late

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