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One on One with the Fullback



Hey whats the best way to beat the fullback when u make a break? i am finding i always get smashed and force a turnover....

i have the game on xbox- really enjoyin two player at the moment!

some flaws here and there but overall a good starting point for a firm franchise over the coming years for EA.
Or, just running around them. Jink (not sidestep) your rin and you rocket past provided you have an agile player (someone like Robinson)
the sidestep worked for me once
take the hit from the fullback, recycle quickly, then kick it long... chase like hell, dive, score...
i seem to get it out pretty quick for me - boks are good at the break down. by the way... my keyboard is working now, and i am having good even games on medium versus australia
Kool im having trouble on world leauge lol
who is the best kicker in the game?
and who has the best jereseys?(SUPER 12)??
Carlos Spencer or Johnny Wilkinson are the best kickers. Paul Grayson is a fantastic, cheep alternative (just as good at kicking but not as complete a player).
i have only tried using the stormers and the boks, percy montgomery kicks well - but jaco v d w is a great kicker for a fly half - not as good as johnny but still pretty good.
he retired

he was getting old... and he wasnt that good - more of a leader that a great player
All of them... except the reds! lol The huricanes are pretty cool, stormers, bulls, blues all look sweet.

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