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One player you'd like at your club?



For me at the Dragons, I'd love to see a tackling machine like Hindmarsh. A workhorse second-rower like him would be inspirational for the young pack. In the backs, I'd love to see a powerful winger like Folau to compliment our centre pairing, that would make the Dragons feared.
I'd love to see Berrigan back at the Broncos. He was so good at hooker and could fill in at Half Back and even centre...he played centre for Australia a couple of seasons back and is has a permanent bench position in all the tests these days.
As much as I love to hate the guy I'd say Thurston to replace Rovelli at the Warriors, nothing would stop us.
I'd like Thurston at the Eels, because Parra's halves are just too inconsistent.
yeah mate... thurston at the eels for me... we havent had anyone decent at halfback since stirlo...

maybe bring Tahu back.... him and Inu were starting to cause havoc on that right side...

EDIT- Make that left side.

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