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One reason why MMA > Boxing



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Much better then that Mayfield vs whatshisname ********.
MMA is for those guys who are wanna be boxers but have the curse of slow hands thus forcing them into MMA.

its cheap, tacky, americana bullshit!!

itll NEVER EVER gain the tradition or heritage of boxing

i hope mma dies a f***ing slow death

its a piece of filthy despicable ****

sorry, i just am a very passionate boxing fan and hate ufc, its c***ish!!
lol, you are a dumb f***er at times lora.

Anyway, I can't imaging any boxer anywhere getting a reaction like this to his entrance;

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MMA is the future, boxing is the dying 'sport'.
boxing aint a dying sport

its just the yanks are f***ing idiots

ths ufc is a fad, it wont stand up to the test of time mark my words!!

o0o and about your video

your not f***ing serious are you

seriously your a dumb f***er at times mite!!
If it's such a fad why does it pull crowds of over 100,000 in Japan and sells out arenas within hours all over the world when Boxing can't even get crowds bigger then WWE Smackdown whioch normally only has 2/3 full at best?

Seriously, look at that Maybank fight? "The greatest fight in years!" they called it; It was a load of ****. Punch, hug, release, 8 count repeat ad nausium.

Who is talented in world heavyweight boxing right now?

How many more times has Amiar Kahn got to fight people with more losses to their names then wins before he proves "he's the greatest lightweight ever". Or does he have to wait until there is actually a talented opponant for him to fight first?

Boxing is faker then the WWF these days with too much money being paid to pre-madonas which wouldn't last a minute against any mixed martial artist.

And if I need any more reasons why boxing is a load of **** let me say 2 words which cement this case...


MMAs > Gum on my Shoe > Boxers
i would much rather watch boxing to be honest.

UFC bores me to death... once youve seen a couple of fights youve seen them all.

for me its not as clean as boxing is. they nearly always end up rooting on the ground. as soon as they start fighting on the ground i turn it over... i like seing clean punches to the head or body.

do they really get 100,000 people in japan for UFC?? or by MMA are you including K1.

k1 is cool to watch... you see some good clean ko's in that. no brawls in that one.
In Japan it's Pride, but that's technically UFC as they've just bought them out.
i gaurantee the de la hoya vs mayweather fight will earn a bigger purse than any mma fight ever will draw.

but once again like i said those guys in mma are the ones who had to slow of hands to make it in boxing so they had to try out for the mma.

also i guarantee any mma guy wouldnt last more than a round with a boxer in standard boxing.
I would bet my mortgage that Chuck Liddell would beat the living f*** out of any boxer in the same weight catagory.

And Randy Cotoure would beat the living f*** out of any boxer, period.
I would bet my mortgage that Chuck Liddell would beat the living f*** out of any boxer in the same weight catagory.

And Randy Cotoure would beat the living f*** out of any boxer, period.

I doubit it. These guys have faster hands and without his little ball grappling moves he couldnt even hope to land a shot, sorry.
Shut the f*** up Dustin, you're talking ******** about stuff you know nothing about. As usual.
so your going to sit here and tell me that chuck little dick liddel has faster hands than floyd mayweather or ricky hatton, thats funny, why isnt he a boxer then?
Because he's a mixed martial artist, dumbass.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Slow hands.

You f***ing idiot.

And for the record, those gloves don't soften the punches anywhere near as much as boxing balloons do, so he's taking a damn sight more of a pounding when he's on the recieving end.

CHUCK LIDDELL > pussy ass wannabe gangsters
Modern heavyweight boxing is absolutely dire. Nothing happens most of the time, it's closer to greko-roman wrestling than boxing. So I'd rather watch a UFC (or whatever the variants are) bout any day.

However, my personal favourite form of fighting is probably Olympic Boxing. The points scoring system means combatents actually have to throw punches and are rewarded for clean hits.

Be interesting to see professional boxing scored in the same way - would certainly liven it up.
haha chuck liddel doesnt even guard his face one shot he'd be out, and "boxing balloons" arent soft, theyre hard, not only that but they add mass to your hands and if you hit your going to hit harder with a heavier glove.

he'd get his ass f***ed up by ricky the hitman hatton
MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world period!

Last year the UFC broke the pay-per-view industry's all-time records for a single year of business, generating over $222,000,000 in revenue, surpassing both Boxing and WWE. The UFC grossed more revenue in 2006 on PPV than any promotion in history!!!.

This for a sport thats only 14 years old... can you imagine how big it's gonna be in 20 years time? ...err.. bye bye Boxing.


Are you trying to say that in a real fight a top class boxer would beat a top class MMA fighter? :lol: .... i seriously hope your joking.
chuck liddell is ****, he goes up against anyone with speed he'll get owned, i remember seeing lidell face some black guy from pride, and liddell got smashed, never showed his face at pride again :)

but in all seriosness, if a boxer faced an mma in mma rules theyd obvi loose and vice versa

teh mite you are such a ***** mate.
MMA? Oh god. Just looks like pro wrestling with less care and due attention. Who thought up the idea of a "cage"? Vince McMahon? Jesus christ, how corny! How are you meant to make anyone take you seriously when you fight inside of a cage that was previously used in Wrestlemania IX or the Survivor Series?

Hey, hey Mite, is Lex Luger in MMA? :D Who's been feuding with who this week? :lol:

No thanks, no deal and most definitely no sale for me over MMA.

Not to say that Boxing (or at least Heavyweight boxing) is pants. Especially when "greats" like Matt Skelton gracing the ring.

Now, Olympic Boxing, I'll go with Cymru and put my reputation (and my intercontinental ***le I won off of Chris Benoit who in turn beat this Chuck Liddel guy in a cage match on Friday night RAW, Mite, jesus dude, seriously), everything, I'll put it ON THE LINE for this one.


edit: On the note of Japan, Pro Wrestling and K1 is FAR more popular in Japan than this pride UFC rubbish. Seriously.

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