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The big thing for me guys is wether or not Rugby 2006 is online or not. We know that RC2006 is not! As good as I think the game will be not having an online option will kill me.

I unfortunately don`t have mates that play games so this option is vital for me!! I mean how cool imagine all of us getting to put our money where our mouths are! We could be playing TRF tournaments and even invite LOS LOVER( God himself) and give him a good whiping and wait for the mad rants and excuses.

For me nothing beats multiplayer!!! I never even got the chance to play Rugby 2005 against anyone else. I thought the game was really poor for single player mode and WCR Rugby was even worse they kept me playing for about a week max and I really tried to enjoy them.

All rugby games that have come out expect(man still mentioning the messiah 11 years later) JLR will have a limited appeal after a month or 2(if they hold your interest for that long), as we would have worked out the AI and putting big scores on The COM team Boring!!!!

Rugby games must be a nightmare to programe especially AI. I think way harder than other sports ***les so I feel sorry for developers sometimes.

I have the same hope but i'm pretty sure rugby2006 won't be playable online..
That's a shame, i've been playing rugby 2005 with friends for many hours and it was a totally different experience than the singleplayer game.

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