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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by An Tarbh, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Given that this is the first major without Tiger Woods since the 96 PGA this Open championship is one of the most obviously open events for many a year.

    Big pressure on some European heavyweights with many outside the Ryder Cup standings so even more added pressure on the likes of Harrington, Monty, Casey, Howell et al.

    So who's the man to take Harrington's crown, can the man himself defend the title so dramatically won at Carnoustie, will Garcia's form this season see him go one step further than last year, how will Justin Rose get on on his return to Birkdale after his dramatics of 10 years ago, can another European come through the pack and win their first major or will normal service be resumed with an American winner.

    So who will raise the Claret Jug come Sunday evening?
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  3. MDickie

    MDickie Guest

    I would like to see Sergio or Monty take it but I don't think it will happen. I would have to put money on Mickelson, no Tiger there so it is his for the taking as long as he performs well and doesn't crumble as the "Biggest" name there.
  4. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    I wouldn't exactly say it's his for the taking, his form at the Open is pretty poor considering his talent
  5. I would love to see Monty win but sadly his time has passed. His previous strength on incredible consistency has gone as signified by going from 2nd, to 25th to an MC in consecutive weeks. Anthony Kim is apparently the next Tiger, i havent seen much of him but he must put up a decent challenge to keep up with the hype.
  6. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Well Donald has already been ruled out with a wrist injury and now Harrington seems to be heading the same way, although no doubt he'll tee it up tomorrow morning, just hope it doesn't do any serious damage, as without both Harrington and Donald the Ryder Cup team would be looking a bit threadbare.
  7. Would be ashame if the Open champion cant play, add to that Woods out and it will be a slightly dissapointing start to the tournament. With TW out for the season though even with our injuries i would back Europe to win again. But not smash the Americans like usual.
  8. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Well he seems to have come through his scare today, would have helped if he was given a later start in the day but that's the luck of the draw. I still wonder though if he's taking the right move and whether he's be better off to withdraw so not to do any long-term damage
  9. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Pretty dismal conditions at Birkdale this morning, Harrington has teed it up but in a bit of trouble at the moment, thankfully though nothing to do with the wrist. Driving winds and rain so the later starters might be pretty pleased with their draw now. Hard to tell from the BBC coverage but there doesn't look to be anyone under par.
  10. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Well the afternoon starters certainly got the best of the conditions and that shows with no morning starter breaking par, although it shows how good the rounds of Goosen and Weir were. Still though it was still no picnic and to shoot under par was certainly to the credit of McDowell, Mediate and Allenby and how about Greg Norman rolling back the years to shoot even.
  11. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    What about Norman holding it together to back up his 70 with another today to lie only 1 off the lead, good to see Duval making a comeback as well. Quality effort from Choi to shoot 67, what a finish from Villegas to come in on +1 and Harrington found some timely form to go from being near borderline missing the cut to being well and truly in contention. It's all set up for a fascinating weekend.
  12. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Certainly blew a gale today at Birkdale with nobody breaking 70. Norman still holding it together and now has a 2 shot lead over Harrington and Choi heading into tomorrow. Everyone bar the Irish and the Koreans will be hoping for Norman to get the job done methinks

    although its difficult as i have also met KJ Choi and am a big fan of his. Harrington also puting up a tremendous defense of his title, its a real possiblility he could defend it even with that injury.
  14. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Never bet on Norman...

    This is the guy who we last saw leading on the Final day blew an 8 shot lead... oh, and than there's the "Norman Slam" where he led at the end of Day 3 in all 3 Majors in a single year and only won one of them.
  15. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Well not to be for Norman but more a case of Harrington winning it than Norman losing it, one of the few rounds under par on the day and what a shot on the 17, great effort from Poulter as well to get second and rack up a few Ryder Cup points to boot. It was funny that someone said to Harrington that while it's great being Open Champion for the year it's always hard to give the trophy back at the end of it, well he answered that one alright, first European to retain it in god knows how long. Well done Pádraig.
  16. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Harrington's approach on 17 was a beaut. The commenators were grumbling about unnecessary risk, but he pulled it off brilliantly. Champion's choice - others wouldn't have dared.

    He's now officially a class act, even though he walks like a penguin.
  17. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Did I mention I'm a member of Stackstown?
  18. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    well should be some home coming then, although you'd nearly not want to drink out of the Claret Jug given the shite that's been put in it over the last year, ladybirds and bitter ale a nasty combination!

  19. I would say shooting a final round of 77 is a bottle to be honest, although the conditions were so tough it wasnt a surprise. Happy that Paddy won it, hes an awesome links player and very good under pressure unlike these "talented" youngsters or oldies as it may be who constantly bottle it.
  20. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    I would say shooting a final round of 77 is a bottle to be honest, although the conditions were so tough it wasnt a surprise. Happy that Paddy won it, hes an awesome links player and very good under pressure unlike these "talented" youngsters or oldies as it may be who constantly bottle it.

    I'd still say shooting 69 in the final round is winning it, Norman would have had to shoot at least 71 and that would have only got him a playoff, given the conditions it certainly doesn't go down as bottling it as far as I'm concerned, it's certainly not on a par with his implosion at the 96 Masters.
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