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Order the competitions by relevance



Well, I'm a newby rugby fan and I'm trying to understand many things about rugby.

I've been watching 3 nations, 6 nations, world cup, guinness premiership, super 14... but I don't know the actual relevance of every one.

Could you help me and give me an order of the most relevant competitions around the world in two different lists? A international and a club list.

The time I've been reading I think that these competitions could be ordered somehow like that:


1. World Cup
2. 3 Nations
3. 6 Nations


1. Super 14
2. Guinness premiership
3. Super 14 Français
4. Air NZ...

Could you help me to open my eyes?

What are you supposed to mean by relevance??? :huh:

If you are ordering them in terms of difficulty or Skill, i will totally agree with the order in which you had them above...with a little bias to Southern Hemisphere teams, but nothing wrong with that... :D
I'm refeering of ordering them by the repercution they have in the rugby fans.

It's said, if the 60% of the Europeans fans preffer to see a 3 nations game instead of a 6 nations match it indicates that this competition is more popular than the other one.

Just ordering, considering you are not a club or national team fan, being objective.

Sorry for the missunderstood but my English isn't good enough ;)
yeah its always going to be bias to where you come from.

like your options for instance are great if you are a southern hemmisphere supporter, where the northern hemmisphere fans will put the 6nations ahead of the tri nations and maybe their club competition to be ahead of the other competitions.

who knows :)

but thats pretty much what kiwiblack said.
well for improtance really it goes
world cup
tri nations/six nations
pacific nations cup
churchill cup
european nations cup

super 14/heineken european cup
Top 14 (french)
Guinness premiership
NZ Air Cup
Curry Cup
Magners League (sighs)
new aussie cup thingy
pacific club cup
japanese league
Many thanks for your opinions.

I've just downloaded the finals of the main competitions and some matches from every international comp. to have my own opinion by te moment until the new season starts around and I follow them.

Thanks again!

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