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go and hit them up

you can grab some fairdinkum bargains from this mob..........but u gotto get the region free games....they all slate whether its region free, and there's even a region free page.

most Unbisoft ***les are region free - these normally equate to AUD$65.00....so literally getting 2 for the price of 1...........I got Splinter Cell for AUD$63.00 on release

When i get paid this week, I think I shall hit up Rainbow 6 Les Vegas, and Tony Hawks Proj 8.

I can both these games for only AUD$130.00.........

I may also get Just Cause...............i rented and finished story line.............but i got more free roaming to accomplish and some mean ass base jumping in HD

COD3 also region free..........

So go and check these out, for some ***les you can even get ur hands on it before the local release, and pay less.
I have had a few games from there. The postage (to the UK) isn't alot too. You got to be quick with the new releases, they go really quick. Pity they haven't got the full selection of 360 games on there.

I also got a 3rd party VGA lead for the 360 from them not long after the 360 was lunched & you couldn't get hold of any VGA leads anywhere (in the UK)
Definatly worth recommending to anyone.
yeah that is a mean site... got g.r.a.w and call of duty 3 together for 120 aus...took about 2 weeks to arrive (standard ).... freaked out when i saw ntsc on the cover... threw it in the console and it booted up... nice one mate
gotta pay my credit card off then this is the first place i'm shoppn next!!! thanx for the hook up bro!

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