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O'Rothlain's Official EA Sports Rugby 08 Grand Review



O'Rothlain's Official EA Sports Rugby 08 Grand Review
Today was the day I bought EA Sports Rugby 08. It was overcast and humid outside. The breeze was gentle, and the women were dressed in tank tops and short shorts. As I pulled into Game Stop, I quickly realized that I was in some sort of odd world, where nerds actually reign supreme, and gentlemen such as myself are mere surfs. I found the only copy of Rugby 08 they had and proceeded to the counter greeted by a man who I must say is the embodiment of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

In America, games are not kept in the cases on the shelf. So, I handed him the empty case, and he commented, "You are the one who called." "Yes, I did," I replied. "I recognized you by the way you said 'a'ight'." "Uhm, cool..." is all I could think of to say. So he went to the big library of game ***les and proceeded to bag up Rugby 06. I said, "Uhm did they change the cover on us? 'Cause that's the Irish team that was featured on the 06 game...I'm looking for Richie McCaw in All Black." As if he would even know who Ritchie McCaw is, or knew what rugby was. He seemed anoyed at me and said "Touche."
So, I escaped the halls of this bizzaro world and headed home.

Now to the actual game. It's smoother than 06. That's what I noticed. It's smoother. It's like they just tweeked 06 and gave them new kits. I guess that's alright. I enjoy it. The mud is a bit more realistic. Worth my $30 of hard earned money? Ehm, maybe...it made me smile. I'm playing rugby on my PS2 again. So, I guess it did the job. They got my money...I'm playing their game.

Ireland seem impresively strong, which is great, 'cause they are going to win the World Cup. So, I was happy with that.
One thing I noticed is that they have made Chabal a mere mortal on this game. Albeit a mortal proffesional rugby player, but mortal. I have yet to call on lightning bolts to destroy my foes. Is there a special code to unlock true-Chabal mode?

Also, mad props to USA Eagle, and a former teamate of mine at St. Louis Bombers RFC, Hayden Mexted for being on the game. I've been tackled by that guy!

So now you have heard (or have read) the definitive voice on Rugby Video Games.
Well, that shows how the new game has nothing actually new.

Still, a nice review of your day there.
Well, that shows how the new game has nothing actually new.

Still, a nice review of your day there.
Not a game to get untill modders have made the stats better to reflect the ACTUAL skill of the players, I mean, Lote Tuquiri is a beast in this game and Gregan is rated 99...
Bah, may as well try modding Rugby 06 and save £30 unless you're desperate for the isometric touch kicks and odd lineouts.
funnily enough o'rothlain they knew i was the one who called earlier as well

looks like there isnt much demand or interest in rugby 08 here! :lol:
heck they knew i was the one that called - and this was in brisbane australia!

the store only got 1 copy in

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