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Ospreys v Bourgoin


An Tarbh

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Ospreys v Bourgoin

The Ospreys will be hoping to continue their impressive form from the EDF Cup as they get their campaign underway against the somewhat unpredictable Bourgoin outfit. Two hefty wins against London Irish and Worcester, granted not the highest quality English opposition, should certainly see confidence sky high heading into the encounter at the Liberty Stadium.

Bourgoin will be looking for their first win on Welsh soil, having failed on their previous 14 attempts.
*sniff sniff*

Can you smell that? That's the smell of sweet success already cooking in the air.

Nah, i can't go being too presumptuous because i am quite ignorant of french club rugby, so i have no idea what these guys are capable of. I'm just hoping we can put on a solid display and create some deadly havoc like we've been consistently showing over tha past couple of weeks.
Nope, i can't see any tv listings for this game.
I'm just hoping that sky will show highlights.
Will Gavin be taking kicks again? The only reason I've been watching the Ospreys is to see his tanned legs smack the ball through the posts behind his 22 metre line. A disappointing 80 minutes they've been :(
When the games matter we very rarely play well wtih Marshall in the squad. I am NOT a fan of his.
Mike Phillips was quite rubbish last week, even with a squad carrying him on an armchair. Marshall had a better game when he came on; I think the O's would win with either no. 9 to be honest though, Bourgoin never seem to perform in this tournament (lost 6 out of 6 games last year).
Scoring a try, created by his lineout forwards, doesn't change the fact he had a poor game.
Agreed. But breaking defensive lines, chasing down loose balls, delivering quick quality ball and bullying the oppositions scurm half does.
Ospreys 3 - 0 Bourgoin

Hook converts a penalty.
Stuck listening to this on BBC Radio Wales.

*Heavy frown*

Ospreys 6 - 0 Bourgoin

According to Phill Bennett, James Hook is stroking the ball beautifully whenever he converts a penalty.
We're ahead against the run of play...

Ospreys scuppered a couple of chances to get a try after Tiatia makes a brilliant break and Justin Marshall also posing a great threat.

Henson cruises over the line after - what sounds like - a good move through the backs and scored for the first time in a while.

Hook converts.

Ospreys 13 - 0 Bourgoin.

Filo Tiatia, offside and commits a dangerous high tackle on opposition fly half.
Gets sin binned and Bourgoin convert penalty from infront of posts.

Ospreys 13 - 3 Bourgoin

Penalty comitted in the line-out.
Hook converts another penalty for Ospreys.

Ospreys 16 - 3 Bourgoin

Bourgoin convert another penalty.

Ospreys 16 - 6 Bourgoin
I missed a bit of play...too busy eating.

Hook converts another penalty after an intentional knock on.

Ospreys 19 - 9 Bourgoin
Bourgoin penalty.

Ospreys 19 - 12 Bourgoin

Mike Phillips comes in for Justin Marshall.

Bourgoin penalised instantly from kick off after getting 3 points.

Ospreys 22 - 12 Bourgoin
Ospreys playing shockingly bad.
Bourgoin get given a penalty.

Full Time: Ospreys 22 - 15 Bourgoin

Marty Hollah gets awared man of the match by the man on the Tannoy system and Phil Bennett geniusly retortes, "Well, i guess someone had to have it."

Just goes to show how poor a game it's been - especially from the Ospreys perspective.

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