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Ospreys v Ulster


An Tarbh

Gavin Henson will probably start at fullback for the Ospreys in this clash on Saturday evening after the request was made from the national setup. Gareth Jenkins has also asked for Brent Cockbain to play.

The Ospreys face a second row crisis although Mike Powell's neck injury is not as serious as first feared. Ian Evans and Lyndon Bateman are long term injuries while Alun Wyn Jones is with Wales.

Ulster have had to add Bryn Cunningham, Paul Marshall, Scott Young, Stuart Philpott, Declan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Caldwell and David Pollock to the squad with various injuries and international call ups affecting the side.
After watching Henson's performance at fullback, I would be very annoyed if he get picked at fullback against Ireland. He carried on is usual jogging around the pitch, he missed a lot of tackles, his kicking was poor & he didn't want to attack at all. I found it funny when Terblanche came on for him & straight away he gave a better performance in 2 minutes than Henson done all of his 53 minutes on the pitch. If I was Lyn Jones I would drop him from the side. He thinks he's special, but at the moment, he is terrible.
Ospreys certainly did Leinster a favour with that win, denying the bonus point was being a bit greedy but I'll certainly take that thank you very much. Just a shame Munster couldn't do the Ospreys a favour last week.
To be honest Henson's attitude stinks. A good old fanishioned dropping would help!
well you can certainly afford to when you have Terblanche at fb, Hook at IC and Connor at flyhalf. Not sure if it would work though as he doesn't seem to have an insatiable appetite for the game that you'd expect of someone playing at this level.
Connor is wihtout a doubt one of the most underrated player in the ospreys team. He nearly always seems to make something in the game for the boys, yet so many osprey fans i know claim he could never play at european level. I disagree.

Henson however, on that performance, should not be given a glance at the starting 15 against Ireland on sunday. He doesn't deserve no.12, nor full back.
The lad just doesn't look like he enjoys the game.
Everything is half arsed...totally the opposite he was in the grand slam season.

He has changed.
It's called Charlotte Church & alot of nights out.
I heard a rumour that he may retire at the end of the season, wouldn't surprise me one bit with his current attitude towards the game.