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Hey thanks for the roster, i was just wondering were you going to sort out the scotish and irish teams coz, they have alot of players in them that shouldnt even be there from like worster and that? and theres a number of h.louws and russian number 8's littered everwhere? just wondering if u were going to sort um out?
i am sure if you gave him examples of what needs to be done he will do it for you, and if its too much of a problem for him i am sure you can add to his roster if you need to.
Hmmm that's strange about the irish teams as I followed their websites for the 07/08 squads, so if there are errors with irish sides let me know. As for the russian fellows well they are placeholders for players. Most answers to your questions should be available in the readme provided with the file. I have got fully updated french squads with the exception of 1, I think it is Clermont, thanks to ***us. I haven't been able to post much as I don't have my computer availalbe to me at the moment.

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