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Paris for Final Weekend - who has been down there / going down?



I have booked onto the EuroTunnel on friday night returning sunday midday for one of the biggest 'lash ups' ever......

I have booked a cheap hotel on the fri night for myself and four pals comign with me - we haev another 4 / 5 cars in convoy but they are staying elsewhere that night.

We are then spending sat................thats it - where?? Some people might try get tickets - i am probably going down to the tower and rugby village - is that a good place to watch the game and drink etc???

Any reccomendations???
haha awesome. I hope to hear stories of drunken revelry! I won't be making the trip, too poor right now, but I hope you have a superb time regardless of result. If the French win the 3rd place play-off on the Friday, which I hope they do, then the atmosphere will be just unbelievable.
I don't mean to put a dampner on this for anyone but there's a transport strike scheduled for Thursday and the Euro Star is expected to be hit also on Thursday and Friday so not sure how that will affect any England fans with plans to come to Paris, airports could also be affected, not 100% sure on the details, maybe some of the French posters can clarify things.

As for watching the match itself, if you don't have a ticket, head over to the big screen at Hotel de Ville, atmosphere there for some of the knockout matches has been brilliant and there's so many bars and cafés within walking distance.
Havent seen anything about a strike.....leaving pretty early to gfet down to the channel tunnel in plenty of time.....ill swim across that channel and run to paris if necessary...nothing will stop me from one of the ultimate lash ups EVER!!!

Hotel de ville sounds good.....i am hopign that we might be able to pick up some cheap tickets down there as ebay is all just english people trying to make a profit - One bloke has put two on at £25,000....or best offer.....

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