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Password Trouble



Hello, as it may seem, i am a new member... but.. i am not! i am originally known as huffi... yet i cannot remember my original username, because i always just used huffi and had my password set to auto remember. can a moderator help me please! (or anyone else...) i need my full username back!

many thanks

(i cannot log in...)
you should be able to use the forgot password feature. If you use that it should send your password to your email account.

also it says that you were active last 5 mins ago, did you get this sorted?
I'm having the same problem, I never log out of the forum yet this morning when I tried to get into the site from work using my notebook it doesn't want to log in.

I tried the forgot password feature but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
I'm still having problems logging in from work. In the IE7 tab it says Board Message and then I get a message saying this menu has been disabled. I can't recover my password or register a new account.
can you still surf the board? thinkin it could be a problem with your work provider.
Its the firewalls and whatnot at the workplace. I had the same thing when I went to school. I'd get the board messages all the time and I had to sign in every second time I clicked on a new topic.
I have the same problem at home, I can get into the site but if I want to make a new post I have to login.

At work I can't get into the site at all. It's never been a problem till now. Could the ISP be blocking the site?

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