Pc gamers cheated by Microsoft

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by elcaras, Oct 17, 2007.

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    I'm one and I feel that way, The scenario microsoft painted to us, was an gaming os,
    gaming os meaning faster performance on games, they also described directx 10 programing as
    a performance savior, allowing developers to use more effects stressing less our video cards.
    At the en of day we have a bloated os, that need more hardware ( specially memory) to run at the same speed as windows xp. Hello Microsoft, gamers need performance not eye candy, we don't give a sh*t about readyboost or other marketing bullsh*t. Give us raw power, and a light os to run our games. The directx 10 has been a complete letdown, hopefully it's just because developers don't know how to use it properly. But all directx 10 games have been more gimmicks than the wiimote. the difference with directx 9 in most of the games released is ridiculous.

    Microsoft if they want to promote their os as an gaming one, should step in and try to convince developers to stop porting ps2 games to the pc, we need next gen ports, that's why we have those 1000$ machines. EA sports comes to mind, the fifa 08, nhl 08 and rugby 08 ports of this year have been a real letdown. Not only did they make a crappys port from an outdated ps2 version but they also don't plan on patching the numerous issues of those games. Electronic arts pc games in general are really primitive, most of them don't allow you to choose your native resolution in the year 2007, still don't have widescreen, even considering it cheating in some game( you got to be kidding me).
    The only bright point I see is the games for windows program, for most a marketing gimmick, for me it's great idea, as I know most games will run with widescreen resolutions and support the 360 wireless gamepad. For the htpc owners that is just great.
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  3. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah i agree, the reason i ahvnt gone up to vista is because i need more hardware and i dont have a dx10 card. I will get one when there is a game worthy enough of me buying one. But at this stage it wont be for a while. Then on top of that the extra memory, i would have to double my memory just so i can be comfortable at what I have.

    Quite happy with xp at the moment.

    They really do need to stop porting the old ps2 games across, i agree there but they mainly do it for money and time constraints. Its easier to do than the next gen stuff. Looking forward when the next gen stuff is done.

    ahh well such is life really.
  4. pj_martins

    pj_martins Guest

    I did some comparison tests on Windows Vista and Windows XP using an amd x2 dual core processor, 2gb of ram, and an ATI radeon 1550 card and found that their performance are pretty much the same, but slightly slower on vista. So yeah if you want to upgrade your hardware to run on vista, upgrade your hardware but stick with xp and get that extra few frames per seconds. Or you always have the option of dual boot.

    Games I tested:
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Vegas
    EA Sports Rugby 2008
    Brian Lara Cricket 2007
    Hitman - Blood Money
    Splinter Cell - Double Agent
    Enemy Territory Quake Wars
    Need For Speed Carbon
    Toca Race driver 3
    Test Drive Unlimited
    Driver Parallel Lines
    Halo 2 (needs to be patched to run on XP).
    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl

    From this list, the only two games which had significant differences on vista and xp was NFS Carbon and Driver Parallel Lines.

    NFS Carbon: On vista it had a lot of stuttering throughout the game which made it quite irritating.

    Driver Parallel Lines: This game actually had stuttering when running on xp and ran more smoothly on vista, so out of the list this, was the only game which actually ran better on vista. This game is merely a clone of Grand Theft Auto though.
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