[PC] How to fix your gamepad controls...

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jared27, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. jared27

    jared27 Guest

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  3. Wally

    Wally Guest

    But can you use the gamepad in the main menu and etc, or just to play?
  4. jared27

    jared27 Guest

    you can only use the mouse for the menus.
  5. kinu

    kinu Guest

    I've tried Joytokey and... in the game, when I move the joypad to choose my team... The keyboard AND the joypad are moving !! Then in the game, I'm controlling two players with differents controls to each one !!! (one with old controls, from my Thrustmaster dual trigger 2in-1 joypad ([​IMG] ), and one with new controls (joytokey ! [​IMG] )..

    Have U got a solution for me ? Please...

    Thx !

    Visca Perpignan !! [​IMG]
  6. jared27

    jared27 Guest

    Yes, I do have a solution for you. Like I said in my original post "Move the keyboard over to your team"
    Not the controller.

    :=Remember your CONTROLLER is the KEYBOARD.
  7. woodie

    woodie Guest

    Will this thing work for 2 player - both with ps2 controllers?
  8. dr4gon

    dr4gon Guest

    sounds great, i was hoping something like this could be done for the PC version, now i dont have to settle for the inferior ps2 VERSION [​IMG]
  9. jared27

    jared27 Guest

    Umm i dont think it will, because there is only ONE keyboard.
  10. dr4gon

    dr4gon Guest

    OK got the PC version, great game...but this joytokey thing confuses me.

    Anyone know if EA will make a patch so you can config ur joypad in game?
  11. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    The graphics are much better on the pc version but the controls on the pc version are making it un-playable for me at moment. The view seems better on pc aswell, it seems more "up close" than the x box vesrion.

    I downloaded the joytokey thing but have not been able to get it to work yet, will have another go later.

    I use an adapter for connecting my x-box contorller to my pc and tried re-programming the buttons but that didn't work either !

    There must be some way of changing the controls for pc so that you can devise a control set up akin to the console version. If I find anything I'll post it to this thread.
  12. woodie

    woodie Guest

    Yeah - It really can't be that hard to edit the controls somehow other tha the joytoey which works great for one player.
  13. cavan

    cavan Guest

    kinda gay how u have to use the mouse to select your play options for penalties eventhough you could be using a gamepad for gameplay!
  14. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    I managed to get the joytokey thing working, nice one Jared. The game rocks on the pc.

    I still can't understand why certain moves involve a COMBINATION of buttons though, it's too hard to try and press thr right combo in the heat of the moment. Also, I am using a x box controller on my pc (via an adapter) and don't think I can program a corresponnding key for the trigger buttons, so I'm short of buttons programable buttons ! Might have to invest in a dedicated pc control pad with 10-14 fully programable buttons.

    Apparently, with FIFA you can edit the file containing the control set up - this might be the answer here aswell. If I achieve this, I'll let y'all know.
  15. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    Have trouble with the analogue stick with joytokey, it's way too sensitive. Anyone else got same problem ?

    The D pad works a lot better, but with the analogue stick, I've only got to touch it very slightly and my player goes off down the pitch like he's on something. Also, when I tap the stick in one direction, my guy seems to keep on running in that direction continuosly until I move the stick the other way. This makes is VERY difficult to use, for obvious reasons.

    Any way of making it less "responsive" ? There are some settings in the joytokey program but trying to adjust these has not worked, but I'm not sure if I'm adjusting them correctly.

    Rest of the buttons work ok.

  16. bushdoc

    bushdoc Guest

    Hi, I had the same problem.

    If you open up joytokey and go to the others tab there is a sliding bar that says Threshold for input (useful for analog devices) I put this on around %45 and seems to have sorted it.
    Hope that helps
  17. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    Thanks bushdoc, I think I tried this already but I'll try it again when I get back from work tonight. Think I set it to 80%, maybe that was too high ?
  18. bushdoc

    bushdoc Guest

    I just stuck my settings up to 80 and found it was alot less responsive, much harder to run diagonals, put it back down to 50 and seems good, only thing is at team selection you have to push gently towards your team to avoid getting both keyboard and gamepad selected.
  19. woodie

    woodie Guest

    Anyone come closer to working out how to do 2 player with 2 gamepads?

    Is there a program that reassigns button numbers on gamepads?
  20. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    Your gamepad buttons should all by re-assignable. Usually, this is in "Contol Panel". In ther, click on Game Controllers, this should show all installed controllers. Think you just double click controller in question, or possible right click and then click properties.

    This should lead you to options for re-mapping buttons, so you can change the designated number for each button. This was what i ended up doing on mine, works ok now.
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