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Peel sig




Yay or nay??
If I'm critical, the picture of Peel is a little distorted, it's too wide. And the sig could do with a border.

Love the background though.
A bit more blending is needed on the main PSD; try ghositing it, usaing a shadow or putting some brush effects in front of it. The text is a bit naff and it could also use a boarder.

Otherwise I like it, the BG is solid and the layout is spot on. It gets a respectable 6.5/10
oddly enough, I did do a border, but somehow its vanished from the jpg. I will change the size & text shortly.
V2 is now up.


I can't seem to make my borders clearly visible when the are saved as jpg's. When I create a 2px thick boarder on the original psd, you can see it clear & it seems quite thick, but as soon as I save as a jpg, you can hardly see them.
Is it just me or does Peel look gay in that picture?
As if he's doing an "Ooh Matron" look from Kenneth Williams, and the rest of his body language makes out like he's sauntering towards the try line..."ball in hand", if you catch my drift. ;)
Right that sig was cack, I refined it...replacing peel with Shanks. Alot better me thinks.

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