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Personal Attacks


St Helens RLFC

I am getting sick of personal abuse. Not directed at me (because you wouldn't dare
) but at other members. From loratadine to Eric, I am sick of people being abused on this board.

I have had personal messages complaining about the things that people are saying, and I have reviewed the situation and the complaint is very much upheld and action is in the process of being taken.

It won't continue, it will stop. I'm all for having a laugh and joking, the banter on here is terrific, but some of you go too far and insult. If you're going to be joking, then fine, but make it clear that you're joking.

In this instance, I won't make an example of people, but this is getting beyond a joke. This has potential to be a great forum, and the staff bust their guts to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone to read. I'm getting sick of my hard work and attempts to move this forum being ruined by childish insults.

It stops now, or Dom, Umo, me, and the rest of the team WILL get tough.

Thank you.

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