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Peter Brock is DEAD



Worst week in australias history

This is just out

more to follow

I am in total shock :wah:

Yes it has he is dead, and it is confirmed. I am in TOTAL shock he was my idle growing up! This years Bathurst will be the biggest tribute brockie I hope. This one hits home quite hard.
Guys, sorry but again I think this guy is not known outside of the former british empire and even though, I lived in Canada and had never heard about this one neither.
F*** this , 2 Aussie icons in one week.

RIP Brocky

Australia's Peter Brock killed in crash

SYDNEY (Reuters) - One of Australia's most famous motor racing drivers Peter Brock was killed in a rallying accident on Friday, officials said.

Brock's death comes just four days after another famous Australian, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, was killed by a stingray barb to the chest in a diving accident.

"I was shocked and saddened to hear of Peter Brock's death," Australian Prime Minister John Howard told reporters in Sydney.

"It's been a pretty sad week for Australia ... and Brocky will be very sadly missed."

Brock, who won Australia's famous touring car race at Bathurst a record nine times and many other endurance racing ***les, was killed when his car slammed into a tree during a rally race at Gidgegannup near Perth in Western Australia state.

Television footage showed Brock's badly damaged silver Daytona coupe resting near the tree, a blue tarpaulin draped over its windshield and heavily dented driver's side door.

Brock's co-driver Mick Hone was taken to hospital where he was reported to be in a stable condition.

Confederation of Australian Motor Sports President Colin Osborne paid tribute to Brock's contribution to motor racing.

"He has been a great ambassador not only for our sport but for Australia in the broader world," he told reporters.

Brock, 61, was one of Australia's most famous motoring figures behind former Formula One triple world champion Jack Brabham. He was also a tireless campaigner against drink-driving.

Nicknamed "Peter Perfect," Brock won six of his Bathurst 1000 ***les in seven years, including a record-breaking six-lap victory in 1979. He retired from full-time racing in 1997.

His death came as Australians grieve after Irwin, whose documentaries were seen by 200 million people around the world, was killed on Monday off Australia's northeast coast.

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And your point?

My point was that there should be some brief explanation about what this guy has done to be famous.

He is the Wayne Gretzky.........The Tiger Woods.........The Michael Jordan............of Australian V8 racing.....similar to NASCAR.
Peter Brook was one of my fav racers, as he was for lots of aussies and kiwis alike. He had something about him, some kind of aura when he was raching. you knew that he could do anything he wanted to do on the race track.

He was well respected here, even after his "fair dinkum sheds" ads they were shocking. I was tottally shocked when i got home on friday night, drunk, at about 6pm, to hear that he had died. total shock.

RIP Brocky

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