Petition to get Rugby played on Espn/Espn2.

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by voicekiller, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. voicekiller

    voicekiller Guest

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  3. DC

    DC Guest

    aye ive seen that circulating for a few years now

    unfortunately i dont see it happening anytime soon, i remember them signing a deal with ESPN U not sure whatever happened to that one though, we had a few matches on during the churchill cup in 06 but then it stopped and i havent seen it on since.

    especially since they seem to be too busy broadcasting such 'sports' as the spelling bee, poker, and paintball tournaments.
  4. voicekiller

    voicekiller Guest

    Ya when did a spelling bee, poker, paintball, and billiards become a sport...and i also have an issue with people calling golf a sport too...but thats a whole different arguement
  5. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    I signed this petition like 4 years ago. ESPN are a bunch of douches for spelling bees and poker.
  6. yumyum

    yumyum Guest

    only in america ay?? i think i saw dominoes on espn the other day!! soon they will have tiddlywinks
  7. Bull

    Bull Guest

  8. God I remember when ALL rugby was free to air on New Zealand television....gone are the days of that.
  9. Vespae

    Vespae Guest

    Are Setanta not braodcasting in the States now?
    As I understand it they will be carrying quite a bit of Rugby, not any of the stuff Sky has sewn up but Magners league and the like
  10. eljefe14

    eljefe14 Guest

    how would americans watch the RWC? only on setanta?
  11. voicekiller

    voicekiller Guest

    Well there is setanta, and mediazone online...also the pub that i go to shows the games
  12. punisher

    punisher Guest

    Petitions like this have been circulated many times. I signed it, but I don't know why this time will be any different than the last 20 times. It's going to take more than internet signatures to get them to wake up. It doesn't help that the petition isn't all that well done, and it's obvious the original author doesn't really know how broadcast rights and permissions work.

    They will use the poor rating of the World Cup to show there is little interest, even though rugby fans have to go to pretty great lengths to be able to watch, especially when compared to other sports. FoxSportsWorld used to have a top level rugby game every Sunday, but that has since been dropped when they went to an all-soccer format.
  13. goranski

    goranski Guest

    the only thing ESPN have done recently for showing rugby were those few games of Churchill Cup last year on ESPNU which hardly anyone gets

    anyone know if ESPN Deportes carries / shows Argentinean rugby in the states? wish i could get the Argentine version of ESPN that would kick ass plus help me keep up on the old Espanol while watching "el juego con pelota oval" lol
  14. blwalt17

    blwalt17 Guest

    voicekiller, what is this pub your talking about. i'm from maryland aswell and i want to be able to catch a few games.
  15. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Even though i think its a waste of time i signed it anyway.
  16. cmonbris

    cmonbris Guest

    Dont have espn so this doesnt make the slightest of difference to me
  17. mj44

    mj44 Guest

    At least you have a dedicated rugby channel :rahh: :wah:
  18. Brainpowerd

    Brainpowerd Guest

    Pretty much all of the rugby I get to watch is either on Setanta Broadband (the online service) or over at the University of California over in Berkeley. There is a small club league in the San Francisco Bay Area but I only hear about games after the fact with them and the bigger tournaments those teams take part in usually happen out of state; again, I hear about them after the fact.

    It would be nice to see more Rugby on television here, either through ESPN or FoxSports but I don't think that will happen soon as there is no professional interest here yet. Here's hoping that someone has the courage to broadcast some RWC games however, I think that unless the US does really well, I don't know if that will happen...
  19. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    I saw paper scissors rock followed by spelling Bee on ESPN yesterday...seriously, if there is no rugby on ESPN yet those crap the American broadcasters are bloody the Olympic committee not having rugby but having that stupid ribbon twirling crap...
  20. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    lol yeah i watched that rock paper scissors for a few minutes on espn. That has got to be the most stupid thing i've seen on a sports channel. They actually called the participants "athletes".
  21. Darkest Wish

    Darkest Wish Guest


    If they can put competitive cheerleading and poker on ESPN, they sure as hell can put rugby!
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