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'pink' Stade's Cry For Help....



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Stade Francais' pink shirts are ‘cry for help’ says top doctor


A top psychologist has claimed that Stade Francais’ new pink playing shirts, that shocked rugby viewers throughout the world this weekend, are an obvious ‘cry for help’. The Paris club, runners-up in last season’s European Cup, fell 13-8 to the Ospreys in their first pool game; a match they were expected to win at a canter. Many in the rugby world are blaming the negative mental effect of the shocking shirts.

Dr. Richard Williams, a top psychologist based in London, has claimed the shirts are an outward manifestation of inner troubles. ‘Self-mutilation is a huge and growing problem in French rugby,’ said Williams. ‘Just look at the amount of violence that has occurred both on and off the field in French rugby this season. This violence is a representation of other insecurities felt by the rugby men of France. Stade’s pink shirt, whilst easy to laugh at, is clearly not something a normal, healthy club would wear. This is a cry for help and needs to be addressed urgently. I implore the IRB to act quickly, prop forwards everywhere need you.’

Dr. Williams fears that if the problem is not addressed quickly it will also cause huge trauma and stress to the club’s supporters: ‘It’s highly disturbing for a fan to walk into a stadium and find their team wearing such outfits. It is bound to have a knock-on effect.’

The shirt has not been welcomed by the Stade Francais squad. It is believed that the players did not want to press home their obvious advantage in the territory and possession stakes against the Ospreys as each player did not want to feature in newspapers and TV footage scoring the winning try. One player told The East Terrace: ‘I could have scored several times in the last quarter, but that would mean my face being in the pictures and the image being repeatedly shown on TV. No thanks, not in that shirt.’

Juan Martin Hernandez, Stade’s fullback, could only manage one successful shot at goal on the weekend as he attempted to take all of his kicks wearing a paper bag on his head. ‘I did not want to be seen in public like this,’ he said after the game. ‘This is not rugby.’

The Ospreys camp, meanwhile, admitted they had no expectation to win the European clash but changed their attitude when they saw what the French team were wearing. One unnamed player revealed the following: ‘I don’t care how much better they are than us, how many stars they have, or even if my leg had been broken in five places and my team had six men sent off, I would not live with myself if I lost to a team in pink.’

At press time the entire Stade Francais squad were forming an orderly queue to hand in their transfer requests to the club authorities. The prop forwards were believed to be first in the line.

I think there shirt is revolting, maybe they should change it if its a negative effect amongst the team and country?

You would'nt see any English team wearing that colour...
seriously lads when Stade bring out nude calendars every year having pink shirts is pretty much a step down.
During the Stade Français - Leicester match played last sunday in Paris all the pink jerzeys were bought by Leicester supporters. They promist to wear them when Stade Français go to Leicester.
Scratch that, you wouldn't see any GOOD English team wearing pink.

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