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Play.com have game in stock!!

play.com do have it in stcok - trust me on this - and play.com are great
I have just been socialised into using Amazon even though I have to order things through my parents and they haven't done us wrong so we stick with them.
play are okay, will always get there by release day and every so often it gets there a day early.
if youre a goddam smelly stinkin student you get an extra day of play.

if youre a twisted old bitter 23 year old graduate you have to take a gaddam friday off to buy the sucker.
Originally posted by Air Ben@Feb 7 2006, 03:19 AM
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Just ordered form Play.com! Don't recon I'll get it till Friday though sad.gif

I don't think your chances are good mate. [/b][/quote]
When they have games in stock do they release them immediately or wait until the official release date?

theyll dispatch as soon as they can - you prob will get it on thursday - thats the most likely date.
They should wait until the release date but I think they've made a mistake. They still have it showing under the coming soon section on there website.

I'm hoping it comes wednesday or Thursday but I doubt it!
they alwasy have that - trust me - i order all the time from play - theres no mistake
i always trust play.com, im hopin to get it by thursday, make myself feel special for having it befor friday!!! it will probably make me fail my gcses. timesplitters for £5 at play.com also - highly recommended for a very decent deathmatch shooter, fun with mates.
Originally posted by St Helens RLFC+Feb 6 2006, 04:04 PM-->
<!--QuoteBegin-Air Ben
@Feb 6 2006, 02:46 PM

Never have trusted/gone with play.com anyway...
Your loss.

They're superb. [/b]

Prefer Play.com over Amazon, they tend to be cheaper on quite a lot of stuff, and give free delivery no matter how much you spend.
Their prices have increased slightly as of late, but they still undercut Amazon considerably.
play.com were the sort of orignals, now even supermarkets are cottoning on to what theyre doing IE setting up a warehouse in gursney or jersey (where play.c is placed) hence the increase in prices.