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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by gjohn85, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Firstly, instead of creating a new thread all about my review, I decided to change it for anyone who has the game to review it in here, like what St Helens done for Rugby Challenge 06.

    ~Quick note that I have got the Xbox version~

    The following is my honest review after 2/3 hours of gameplay & this review took me 2/3 hours to make.

    This review is based on multiplayer only, played against my brother.
    The first game we played was a club game between Scarlets (me) vs Edinburgh (bro). As we began to pick our side we notice the one big worry out the way, selecting side at the same teams with no slow down. If anyone has played rugby 2005 multiplayer, you should note that it was very slow to select your side at the same time.

    After we selected our sides, we didn't bother looking at the set play screens, we where just eager to play the game!

    The game had loaded & we sat in amazement at the build up (intro) to the match. I'm glad they have included team lineup & at the bottom right it says the player to look out for, Dafydd James (Scarlets) + Grant Fox saying what he is good at etc.

    The game had started, quickly I paused the game to choose the camera angle. We opted for Classic 3 (the one available in 2005 version, end-end cam, where the camera spins around to the player who has the ball).

    Kick off was made (by me). I instantly noticed how better the kickoff arrow is (more accurate kickoffs are now present). One of the second row player caught the ball and ran up field about 2 meters before being met by a well-timed dive tackle by Regan King, got a turnover...brilliant. The first 10 mins of the game was
    attacking match, Then my bro managed to get his first big kick into touch. Grubbers are now easy to pull off & you can get more distance on them too.
    I won my lineout (lineouts hasn't changed) but as the receiver tapped the ball to Peel, I was waiting for the computer to take control of Peel (which happened in rugby 05), then suddenly I realised I was running with Peel. It takes time to reliase that the computer doesn't take control of your scrum half, so you got to make up you mind what you are gonna do with you scrum half otherwise you'll get flattened by the opposition.

    Everything was going well with the game until we came across a major annoyance in the game.....turnovers. It seems that every other tackle ends in a turnover, I can't understand why EA decided to do this. We didn't worry about it too much, as it was our first game & was probably not doing something properly.

    The game was a high scoring match, due to the fact of cack defending by ourselves.

    We played the game with alot of kicking, at last you can get some distance on your kicks, Its really enjoyable hoofing the ball one end to the other, plus with the addition of quick lineouts, we where getting into it big time.

    The game ended 34-33, I won. Pretty odd result, as we mainly played a tactical game. Myself and my brother really enjoyed the game & hoped that in the next game we could work out how to minimise turnovers.

    So we loaded up the next game, I went Bath, my bro went Wasps. Before we started the game, I decided to turn off Fatigue, Knock-on & injures. The second was a much better game as we where getting into swing of things!

    Again in the second match, we where still getting ridiculous high amounts of turnovers, even with playing a forward game, there still seem to get turned over after a couple of phases.

    The second game ended 19-10 (he won). We still haven't worked out how to reduce the amount of turnovers.

    We manage to play through another few games before calling it a day, (for today) Still haven't worked out how to reduce turnovers though.

    That's just about all for now, I'll just finnish up with the good, the bad & the summary...ohh and a review.

    The good
    * Rugby 05 minus the bugs
    * Offloads
    * Multiple subs
    * Able to change a players position, e.g, swapping a winger with a centre)
    * Set plays work
    * Kicking: All round kicking has been improved. From grubbers, drop goals goal kicks & general distance kicks
    * Moves work, i.e sidestep, fends etc
    * It plays like rugby

    The bad
    * Turnovers (how did you guess that one?)
    * Fullback seem to suffer off big kicks, a few times I have seen the fullback bend down to pick up the ball & miss the ball!?!?!
    * Interceptions happen alot too (was gonna add this the review above, but I thought I would be going on about the game too negatively).
    * Dive tackles seem to be harder to archive, although it will probably need time to practice.

    Basically its rugby 05, tweaked, polished & those annoying bugs vanished. Its not all happy days, as the are a few new bug on this version. If you disliked last year attempt, this game maybe for you. If you liked last years game (like me) you will find it difficult to like more....then again, perhaps you may not get annoyed with of alot turnovers as I have been.

    Righty-ho, time for my review (at last!)


    This may increase over more weeks of gameplay, although I may reduce it.

    Please note that this review was done late in the night, so if it don't make any sense.........well tuff ****.
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  3. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i hope this turnover thing is for multiplayer only

    perhaps EA have fined tuned multiplayer for hectic rugby, with equalc chances with the ball

    hopefully u wont lose the ball at each ruck, when playing AI

    perhaps, the R3 button is better implemented, and maybe compulsory to hold when tackled to maintain possession..............

    good review Gjohnny
  4. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    wonder if its a multiplayer thing? not all that many turnovers in locks videos
  5. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Yeah exactly. In 2005 if you spun it right out wide every time youd get turned over alot more as your player would be isolated. You need to use hands in the ruck to hold onto the ball just like in 05, it pretty much doubles the amount of ball you retain, but youll get penalised if caught.

    Is the xbox pass button on the shoulder this time.
  6. esoj

    esoj Guest

    yeah interesting about the turnovers I think it was locks that said it rarely happend randomly and happened more realistically like when you were isolated. maybe it is a time thing or something. some people had issues with the rucks on rugby challenge 2006 at first but then got the hang of it.

    game seems to be good at this early stage.
  7. Paddy

    Paddy Guest

    how good/crap is the world league?

    is it like fifa style?
  8. esoj

    esoj Guest

    oh yes good question. I too want to know about the world league.
  9. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Then we shall compare it to the almighty RL2 !!!
  10. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    I would not be to concerned about turn overs as when I started 05 I got turned al the time and i reckon once you have played it for awhile you will learn how to hang on to it. Thanks for review Gjohn but I would not look into his review to much as Gjohn has not played it enough to give a proper one as there will be things that will annoy that he has not noticed yet and soime things that will be cool.

    How anyone can play the game on classic I have no idea that continual spinning around would make me dizzy and the game would feel to unrealistic.

    Once again thanks Gjohn
  11. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    not with classic 1 view - the camera stays still so its like watching the game from the north or south stand. However annoyingly locksley says this view has a bug making it unplayable. can't f**ing believe that :(
  12. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    I think it will be a while till we get a review of world league. When everyone gets the game they seem to like getting stuck into internationls for a while then having a few club seasons, saving the best(hopefully) for last.
  13. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    ive got it yes i have
  14. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    YEEES it arrived from in the post this morning..yipeeee!!
  15. yurda01

    yurda01 Guest

    hi guys i'm unlucky italian stell waiting for the release on 17th so please can someone show me some gameplay video? thanks a lot and sorry for my english.
  16. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    There are some gameplay videos in some of the other threads - see Locksleys threads
  17. yurda01

    yurda01 Guest

    Yes i know and just downloded, i'm talking about any new video maybe from the guys that have the fortune to obtain his copy and play in this moment.
  18. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    I'm sure Locksley will download some new videos - he seems to be the only one with the technology to do so. Why don't you ask him?

    And you're Englaish is good! :p
  19. yurda01

    yurda01 Guest

    Ok jimmy i try with lox....locksley my hero i need desperately your help. Thanks a lot jimmy for your help and for the compliment. Cheers.
  20. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Ok just got back from an hour on the game - this mini review is based on the PC version of the game.

    When I first loaded the game up, I noticed how different the menu screens were and it really felt like a brand new game! However this illusion was blown out the water when I had my first game, Newcastle V Carlisle on pro difficulty. As Locks said this game really is rugby 2005 all over again but when he said that i didn't realise the extent to which thia is true!

    Apart from a few graphical improvement the game look and plays identically. Same look to the passing etc and from what I can see exactly the same animations. I may be imagining thing but it seems the PC version is more like rugby 2005 than the PS2 version. Put it this way Locks videos look much smoother and better than the PC version in my opinion.

    Anyway one of the first changes I noticed was the speed of the game. It really is slower and when you play club games or crap teams you'll notice this even more! International is quicker and feels about right, if not a little slow.

    As far as the AI goes - I quickly went up to Elite difficulty and played England V Italy. There are still huge gaps in the defence, irrespective of the difficulty level and there are many more turn overs. In fact every time you make a break and get just a little bit isolated BOOM its a turn over. I tried to counter this with hands in ruck but for some reason the button doesn't work. For PC its hold down button 10 for kill the ball and tap for hands in ruck. The kill the balls work but when you tap the button NOTHING HAPPENS! This is really annoying.

    the offload is ok but very automatic. For some reason you don't feel in control. Its a simple case of tap the button, but god only know who will get the ball! There definitely needs to be more manual control here.

    Oh yea there is still the bug with classic view where the ball goes in the wrong direction. classic 2 view is not perfect but I think the best one. Side view looks the best but I still hate it because you can never see the gaps.

    As far as game play is concerned its probaly too early to tell but I don't feel its enough of a leap from rugby 2005. Its essentially the same game with many of the annoyances and flaws remaining like diagonal running, leaky defence. However as I said I need to give the game more play time. Also it may be that the PS2 version is better. I'm going to get the PS2 version and compare them tonight.

    Kicking is defintely better and the most noticable improvement to be honest. There are also many morer penalties given away by the AI and the sound is improved although most of the commentary is the same as last year.

    Don't get me wrong, this is still quite a good game, but I guess like always my expectations were sky high! Once they come down to earth maybe I will feel different?

  21. Ensta

    Ensta Guest

    Jimmy44 is it possible, if you have the time, to have a screenshot of Stade Toulousain kits ?
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