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Los Lover


How abouts those already with the game on PS2 or Xbox (can't patch) make a concerted effort at getting around the problem with not being able to make small adjustments to players easily like in that turd r**by 2**4.

This could benefit everybody with adjusting the computer teams especially.

For instance.....I don't have the game yet (curse it)...but is it possible when you bring up the player to remove or replace etc...when you go into the roster management and select a player...that you can see what the settings are for a current player (face no., build, colour etc...) in terms of exact configurations. then write it down and just quickle repeat their entry and adjust the pace or strength of a player etc...

just a thought.

There must be a logical way around having to recreate a player that the game has already created in a superb likeness...only to get his stats more correct and have him look nothing like the lifelike character he was and thus nullifying the reason to do this in the first place.

Any ideas people?

Any tips would benefit everyone (except PCers who will make patches etc etc hehe)

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