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Player likenesses



In 2005 there were quite a few players whos likeness had not been done. If someone with the game could tell me if hey have been updated that would be great, heres a list of players off the top of my head that i know didnt hav a acurate likeness.

Brian Habana
Rico Gear
Sitivini Sivivatu
Hosea Gear
Jimmy Gopperth
Andrew Merhtens(if quins are in the game)
Byron Kelleher
Conrad Smith
Caleb Ralph
Lome Fa'atau

Forgive my spelling, and anyone who can think of anyone else please add them. Im sure there are more. Please indulge me! Us kiwi boys need somehing to numb the pain while we wait.
in 05 sivivatu and fa'atau were in the game

siv for fiji'


fa'atau for somoa or something like that

there on their club teams
Yeah, he meant likenesses. Like Tana Umaga looked just like Tana Umaga. Sivivatu didn't look like Sivivatu, if you know what I mean.

I actually created a Sivivatu, and he looked more like Sivivatu than Sivivatu did.
I haven't really played with many of those players, but Mertens isn't in the game, and Habana, Gear and Kelleher do look more realistic.

I would presume that the others do as well, since a lot of the Bristol players do, and they are one of the worst teams on the game.
Originally posted by dean1511@Feb 12 2006, 05:52 PM
Worcester and Leeds are worse than us on Rugby 06 lol
:lol: I know - I can understand Leeds, but Wuss are one of the top teams in the league.

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