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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by St Day 3, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. St Day 3

    St Day 3 Guest

    Just wondering how many of you all turn out for a game on a Saturday?
    If you do then who do you play for and who have you got tommorow?
    I play for a little village side called St Day in Rugbys spiritual home, Cornwall.
    We travel up to Callington tommorow in Cornwall 2 league. We are about 7/8 years of promotion away from the top flight :D
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    Although I'm not playing club this year, (because i can't afford the time on thuesday and thursday night because its my last eyar of school and i need to study), tomorrow I'm playing Colts and 1st Grade in trial matches against cross-town rivals, as there are each missing 3 or 4 players. Lookin forward to it.

    I'm playing school football like CHS and All Schools rep and just plain skool footy which will be fun though :D!
  4. I would be playing Uni 3rds and Berkshire U20s this season if it weren't for injury.

    However, it has left me with more time to travel and watch rugby, either live or in the pub. Spent 8 hours in my pub of choice last weekend for what can definately be dubbed 'Super Saturday' and next weekend I'm heading west to Bath as part of Northampton travelling army/rabble.
  5. SecondRow04

    SecondRow04 Guest

    I play for a small local club called lowestoft and yarmouth, ive been injured a bit this season which has allowed me to watch alot more rugby.
    our senior team is in the eastern counties league 1! :)

    we play on a sunday :) game this sunday :p
  6. Mate, i tell you one thing.. Rugby is brilliant and all, but I made a stupid mistake at my last year of school, I had rugby practice 5 times a week (2 days club, 2 days school, 1 day touch club) and have at least 1 game every weekend... My parents were concerned bout my studies.. I didnt.. and although it earns me an international spot and other benefits ;) it does not help me in getting good grades.. and now I regret this... I am now at uni, however I could have gone to a better one if I did well on my last year of school! I now play for my uni, club and still playing touch.. :p so it's the same thing all over again! heheheh... but i am doing well in uni though! :cheers:
  7. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    I used to play, body cant physically handle it now... my leg is crooked... So I am more of a watcher than player nowadays... Hopefully one day I may play a bit more but we shall see, need to seriously get healthy tho...

    I will be travelling up to Bath on Saturday to see them take on and hopefully beat Northampton...

    I have also booked my ticket for one of the World Cup Warmups at Twickenham...
  8. goranski

    goranski Guest

    barring a few yanks on this forum - i feel like i'm the only non-ex-pat in America that's a serious fan and actually follows a specific team and league - everyone i know is either a casual watcher or views RU and RL in a general sense - i used to play but then my club fell apart after the fall 2004 season - ever since then everything has gone downhill with rugby for me, knee injury, rugby on tv was axed the following year, plus now there isn't even a new videogame!!!! It's hard to be either a fan or player for me - but I have no choice, I'm a rugby addict.
  9. Beardy

    Beardy Guest

    I play for Norwich U15 and we beat your U15's 52-0 a few months ago ;)
  10. Corywalker

    Corywalker Guest

    I play for velox, a club in british columbia, on the lower vancouver island. I play for the U16 team.
  11. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest's weird...even people who play rugby here have very little clue on what's actually going on in the rugby world. Odd.
    I'm more diehard fan than anything, but in my wee bit o' spare time I turn out for the St. Louis Bombers. We have a Super League team, but, sadly, that's way above my standard of play.
    American Football got the best of me...but who knows...with modern technology, I may come back bigger and leaner in my 30's...oh, God...I'm going to be 30 in a year and a half. I need to find alcohol right now.
  12. goranski

    goranski Guest


    keep the pints comin' give us another round guvnoh

    you've got years left in you o'rothlain it's all about attitude - i played with a scrumhalf who was 42/43 a couple of seasons ago - bugger was fit as a whistle and hard as nails
  13. Miki

    Miki Guest

    Im a fan basically, but I have started playing rugby 2 weeks ago.
  14. LeinsterBoy

    LeinsterBoy Guest

    I play for a Dublin team called Clontarf. They are quite good. Jamie Heaslip plays for them. I also play for Leinster youth.
  15. jake the mus

    jake the mus Guest

    my post got deleted for some reason but i am a player. frm new zealand in auckland. possibly moving to qeuensland to the reds territory.....
  16. Fan all the way here pretty much a newbie one at excuse is I come from a place with virtually no rugby heritage whatsoever.
  17. melon

    melon Guest

    Mate, have a crack at it. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't have a go! :)
  18. Mate, have a crack at it. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't have a go! :)

    I think that's just about gone levels are very, very down now I no longer play footy regularly and I have a perma-sore knee and foot.

    Rugby in the park is about my level now.

  19. Man... then what do you think my country's rugby heritage is? and where did I learn how to play rugby? Dubai! hahahha! come on, that's not an excuse!!! My country of origin LITERALLY has no rugby heritage whatsoever.. :p
  20. Yeah but growing up in Liverpool there is just no room for anything other than footy, footy and more footy.

    You should add a quick biog of your own root to being an international rugger bugger onto my thread from the other week :

    This one here
  21. Syzygy

    Syzygy Guest

    Well, I used to play for a small rugby team back here in Holland (RC Nieuwegein, for the ones who know or been here). But due to a shoulder what got dislocated multiple times in a row, I'm not playing any more. First I need to get my surgery and then I'll see ;)
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