Player Transfers/roster update index thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Fa'atau82, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Hi guys.

    I thought as the rosters for both the games are outdated it would be a good idea to make a thread that can index the latest club and national team rosters/transfers for rugby '06 and rugby '08.

    This is purely a reference for roster modders like myself, ozzy and anyone else where we can share and update the rosters accurately.

    I think it'd be a good idea to add player transfers to this thread. Anyone who has anything to add please, don't hesitate. Thanks for your help :)
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  3. mj44

    mj44 Guest

    Are you talking about '07 teams or where they would be in '08 based off what we know now?
  4. disco125

    disco125 Guest

    It's a very good idea as in the last 24 hours Chris Paterson has moved to Gloucester , Daryl Gibson & Lome Fa'atau are going to Glasgow and Nick Evans has signed for Auckland ....
  5. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Daryl Gibson still playing wow i would have thought he retired by now.

    yeah is this for the upcoming season or the current season?
  6. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I think the new rugby '08 has last seasons rosters (2006-07) which will obviously be out of date by the start of the season. It has Saints, so it can't be for the 07-08 season.

    No NH roster update has been made as far as i'm aware, so i'm doing one, and it makes sense to make it as new as possible.

    I am editing rugby '06 only, but the idea is that we can keep a track of all the players movements/transfers, so that it's easy to updates rosters as we go. I will make a full definitive listing as i go.. i didnt know Lome and Gibson have gone to Glasgow.. so that's an update already.

    I will release my first 2007-08 roster patch very soon and it will include all these updates.

    I'm not sure if the new editor being made will be able to load '06 roster files, but if anything it will give a defintive list of the club and national team rosters ready for the new season.

    I am intending to make 07-08 guinness premiership kits too, they are nearly all out now so i can start on that.. hopefully they will work from '06 into '08 or vice versa.
  7. disco125

    disco125 Guest

    the news about Lome and Gibson was on the BBC's website if you're interested
  8. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    There is a huge amount of transfers going on right now.. most of them seem to be going to Toulon, who will look like they will be France's first Super 14's team next season lol..

    So far i have found just a few that i haven't done in my NH patch..

    C.Paterson > Edinburgh to Gloucester

    C.Cusiter > Perpignan

    S.Murray > Montauban

    S.Taylor > Stade Francais

    R.Tipoki > Munster

    D.Gibson > Leicester to Glasgow

    L.Fa'atau > Wellington to Glasgow

    T.Umaga > Toulon

    P.Tito > Cardiff Blues

    B.Broster > Saracens to Llanelli

    T.Brennan > banned and to be removed from the game database

    J.Buckland > Leicester to Wasps (includes loads more that are going on in GP)

    O. Palepoi > Glasgow

    S.Larkham > ACT to Edinburgh

    C.O'Young > Western Force to Glasgow

    R.Parks > Perpignan to Newport

    A.Williams > Bath to Newport

    R.Mustoe > Ospreys to Newport (loan)

    A.Jones (lock) Llanelli to Newport

    A.Lyon (prop) > to Newport

    H.Gustafson > Llanelli to Newport

    R.Gomer-Davies > Saints to Newport

    G.McCarthy > FH new for Newport (Glamorgan)

    W.Evans > Cardiff to Newport

    N.Evans > Otago H'landers to Auckland Blues Super 14

    N.Wessels > Died in car crash while at Sharks

    A.Willemse > to Biarritz

    E.Coetzee > to Biarritz

    P.Louw > W.Province to Biarritz

    I.V.D Westhuizen > Cheetahs Super 14 to Biarritz

    C.Del Fava > Wasps to Bourgoin

    J.Smit, M.Joubert > Clermont

    J.Senio > Clermont

    P.Montgomery, P.Burger, G. Britz > Perpignan

    C.Milton > Stade Francais from Bulls

    F.Michelak > Toulouse to Super 14

    S.Sowerby > Stade Francais to Toulouse

    K.Senio, J.Tekori and K.Meeuws > Super 14 to Castres

    T.Marsh > retires from Clermont

    J.Pole'gaga (Samoa) > Clermont

    B.Kelleher > Toulouse from Agen

    R.Caucau > Free agent?

    M.Cortese > Saints to Biarritz

    A. Creevy > To Biarritz

    J.M Hernandez > Stade Francais to Leicester (likely)

    Y.Bru > Retired from Toulouse

    J.Davies (prop) > Retired from Llanelli

    J.Bonnaire > Bourgoin to Clermont

    A.King > Wasps to Clermont
  9. RussianVOdka

    RussianVOdka Guest

    Turunui (Waratahs) --> (Queensland Reds)
  10. mj44

    mj44 Guest

    Ioane (tahs) --> reds.
    Tahu (league) --> waratahs
    Holmes (tahs) --> brumbies

    Michelak coming into super 14??
  11. tarswelder

    tarswelder Guest

    Yes, he will play for the Sharks

    Umaga won't play for Toulon. He will be the general manager of the team : with Gregan, Oliver and the others...
  12. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Off the topic...but Biaritz, Clermont and Newport have really gone to the supermarket!! Whatever happened to academies?!

    Have you got Ronnie Cook and Ryno van der Merwe?

    Here's a full list of the SAF players moving off:

    Victor Matfield
    Lawrence Sephaka
    Francois van Schouwenburg

    Stade Francais
    Boela du Plooy
    Frans Viljoen
    Shaun Sowerby

    Ronnie Cooke
    Ryno van der Merwe

    Ashwin Willemse

    Gerrie Britz
    Percy Montgomery
    Phillip Burger
    Bob Skinstad

    Johan Wasserman
    Frikkie Welsch
    Warren Britz
    Danie Thiart

    Daan Human
    Gaffie du Toit

    Cleremont Auvergne
    John Smit
    Marius Joubert

    De Wet Barry

    Hottie Louw
    Michael Claassens
    Butch James

    Northampton Saints
    Joe van Niekerk
  13. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    dont forget gregan and mehrtens going to toulon as well.

    umanga is coaching not playing and is he taking anyone else from wellington over there?
  14. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Also in NZ:

    Craig Clarke = Canterbury (Crusaders) -> Taranaki (Hurricanes)
    Bernie Upton = Bay of Plenty (Chiefs) -> Wellington (Hurricanes)
    Ross Kennedy = Wellington (Hurricanes) -> Otago (Highlanders)
  15. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Thanks mate. There was a site i went on that indexed the moves for SA, NZ and Australians but it got a bit confusing to read.
  16. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    Don't forget that french club rosters are 2 years old. You've got to put both this coming season and the last season changes.

    Let's examine the Toulouse roster :

    Red=Out last or next season

    G.Mensanka (G.Menkarska) French
    <span style="color:#000000">O.Hasan Argentinian Tighthead Prop None None
    F.Poulos (F.Pelous) French Second Row Number Eight None
    G.Limbo (G:lamboley) French Second Row None None
    A.McMillan (?) Irish Number Eight Blindside Flanker Openside Flanker
    J.Elissguy (JB.Elissalde) French Scrum Half None None
    F.Mallack (F.Michalak) French Scrum Half Fly Half None
    -> Natal Sharks

    V.Clic (V.Clerc) French Wing None None
    Y.Jezebel (Y.Jauzion) French Centre None None
    F.Fritzz (F.Fritz) French Centre None None
    C.Harman (C.Heymans) French Full Back Wing None
    G.Thomas Welsh Centre Full Back Wing
    -> Llanelli

    W.Server (W.Servat) French Hooker None None
    J.Farino (J.Fiorini) French Hooker Loosehead Prop None
    D.Gerant (D.Gerard) French Second Row None None
    -> England -> Racing-Métro
    F.Miko (F.Maka) Tongan Blindside Flanker None None
    X.Garvajosi (X.garbajosa) French Wing Centre None
    -> Bayonne
    C.Pointerrsis (C.poitrenaud) French Full Back None None
    J.Dorbia (J.Dubois) French Fly Half None None
    -> Racing-Métro
    J.Poe (JB.Poux) French Loosehead Prop None None
    T.Brannigan (T.Brennan) Irish Blindside Flanker Second Row None
    -> End of carrer
    D.Harman (D.Humaan) South African Loosehead Prop None None
    J.Billow (J.Bouilhou) French Blindside Flanker None None
    R.Malla-Chusko (R.Millo-Chluski) French Second Row Number Eight None
    M.Mardo (N.Medard) French Full Back Wing None
    N.Jallian (N.JeanJean) French Full Back Centre None
    -> Paris
    B.Babista (B.Baby) French Full Back None None

    -> Clermont</span>

    In Last season :

    - Albacete (Arg)
    - Du Toit (SA)
    - V.Courrent (FR)
    - T.Dusautoir (FR)
    - M.Kunavore (FIJ)
    - V.Lacombe (FR)
    - JF.Montauriol (FR)
    - S.Perugini (ITA)

    In Next season :

    - B.Kelleher (NZ) <- Chiefs
    - S.Sowerby (SA) <- Paris
    - Y.Montès (FR) <- Paris
    - V.Basualdo (ARG) <- ?
    - Y.Donguy (FR) <- Brive
  17. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Thanks Darhf.

    What i am doing is editing out all the retired players and such (like Tana Umaga, Yannick Bru, Matt Dawson etc) and replacing them with the new players like James Haskell, Lionel Beauxis etc.

    At the moment i have some nearly finished squads that are as up to date as possible.

    Stade Francais for example have their 07-08 squad on their site now, as do Newcastle Falcons. Other teams like Gloucester and Glasgow have made lots of signings.

    This is what i am updating. I'm taking out all the old and replacing it with the new.. including signings that are happening now.

    i.e. Chris Paterson is now in Gloucester and Daryl Gibson is now in Glasgow on my roster update.

    With Stade, the only players i am not aware of are..

    D.Weber and F.Montanella.

    Can you help me here Darhf?
  18. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest


    Can you tell what positions Donguy, Basualdo and Montes will play? I assume one or two of them are fly-half (#10)
  19. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    If Only. We lost two fly-halves this season and still found none.

    They should go for Du Toit as primary fly-half and Courrent as replacement.

    Yves Donguy : Wing

    Basualdo : Hooker

    Montes : Prop

    For Paris:

    G.Bousses, Centre
    -> Bourgoin
    (never played at paris)

    A.Burban, Flanker, 8

    D.Drozdz: SR

    C.Milton (?)
    <- Blue Bulls

    J.Saubade : Wing

    G.Messina : Centre

    D.Weber : Prop

    F.Montanella : Prop


    Do you know google documents/ spreadsheets ?
    You can create a spreadsheet and make it public. Anybody can then make modifications.

    This or a wiki would help make the process of player identification and transfers.
  20. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I have fully updated 2007 'going into' 2008 squads for Biarritz, Stade Francais, Toulouse and Clermont but still am having trouble finding updates for Perpignan and Castres. I have all the new signings so far, but there are a lot of departures and players that aren't in the other french teams on 06 and i am trying to figure out who to replace and who not to.

    PM me Darhf and i will email you the roster file if you like. Btw, do you know what team Seti Kiole (tongan RWC 07 winger) is playing for now?
  21. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    wow guys this is coming along great...

    is an updated roster going to be made available at some stage?
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