Player who shames you most.

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by RC, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. RC

    RC Guest

    Ok, so everyone surely has one player on the team they support of whom they are greatly ashamed.
    I thought it would be interesting to see which players the supporters are absolutely ashamed of.

    So here's your chance, name and shame them, put a up a picture and say why you're so ashamed of your club idiot.

    Andrew Millward

    The man epitomises amateur rugby. He doesn't have a rugby brain, he's fat, his match fitness is an attrocity and yet he still seems to represent the Ospreys!
    He is a shameful excuse for a front row for us.
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  3. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Thank God he has joined the Chiefs.

    Tasesa Lavea, you wont be missed.
  4. Aren't too many I feel any resentment for at the Saints, but one who is continually on the end of flak is Johnny Howard:


    The guy has been at the club for years and years, never coming close to being regarded as anything more than a squad player. At best. His golden boots and cocky attitude are attributes you would expect to find in a scrum half. Unfortunately that is all he brings to the position.

    Alright, his pass isn't bad. However, it takes him so long to actually get his hands on the ball and deliver it that this facet, his one talent, is made redundant. The last time he make any sort of break with ball in hand must have been at Under 14 level, as I can't remember the last time he caused any threat around the fringes in a Northampton jersey.

    With his contract up at the end of the season and a performance on Saturday to rival any in the terrible stakes, we may well finally be rid of him for our return to Premiership.

    Past wastes of space include Robbie Kempson, a fat lazy gobshite (how was he ever capped by the Springboks) and Luca Martin, an utterly useless Italian centre we signed for no apparent reason other than the fact that it was cool to have an Italian in your squad at the time.
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Broken record time;

    Johnny Howard (scrum Half)

    The bain of my rugby supporting life, words cannot describe just how much this man (as a player) irritates me. I'm not entirely sure if it's down to his ****-poor passing which is neither fast or on target, his insistence on talking to the referee instead of his pack at every breakdown, his uncanny ability of taking an age to dig the ball out from behind a solitary foot before passing or his amazing box kicks which will either go into touch flat from where he is, or (somehow) behind his original starting position.

    These days, as he is the longest servingplayer in Saints' squad, some believe he shopuld be praised for his longstanding service and, moreso, that because this year against ND1 opposition he's not looked quite so bad, that he has in fact become a good player. The fools.

    Even more annoying is the fact he's really a decent bloke in real life, ergo causing guilt that I'm forced to call a nice guy a dopey prick whenever he takes the field.

    Special mentions go to;

    Robbie Morris (Prop) for his downright nastiness and inability to play the fair game of rugby whilst having his oversized ears firmly stick to his own butt cheeks.

    Robbie Kempson (Prop) for being a fat, lazy, annoying, crap, over-paid, over-rated, idiotic, moronic, cock-smoking arsehole who doesn't deserve the honour of being given a club shirt.
  6. florian74

    florian74 Guest

    special mention to gavin henson for his football style haircut...
    worst player of 2008 award goes to luca masi at 10 for italy...he is alright at full back though
  7. RC

    RC Guest

    I'm loving this. Johnny Howard must really be an awful player to strike so deep with the both of you.

  8. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    caleb ralph

    no idea why i am embarrassed, he is a bit of a tool sometimes. He is a hard worker and wasnt bad in his day but the last four or five years i have been getting alot of stick for everyone who hates the crusaders. I have never liked him at all


    Scott Hamilton...
    greatest american hero anyone?

    the red and black dont help. Though the haircut in the picture of Hamilton does make it less like him. Ill see if i can find an earlier one.
  9. remember when caleb had that died patch in the back of his hair? for an entire season i swore to god that someone kept putting bubble gum on the back of his head every game!

    its almost as funny as him actualy getting in the same sentance as the all blacks.
  10. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    But not quite as funny as his attempted "chip and chase" which ended up into a "attempt-to-chip-but-miss-with-your-foot-and-knock-it-on and chase" against the English in 2003.
  11. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I have to agree with woosah on these two...actually they were going to be my two choices as well
    [​IMG]Scott Hamilton

    This guy is so slow as a winger that he is a true representation of his electronic EA Rugby version. He at best looks like a No6 running rather than a number11. Good on him for doing his best at the Crusades franchise but that is mainly due to Robbie Deans coaching more than anything else. He actually has an All Black jersey! Truth be told we Crusaders fans often wish we had a speedier wing when Hamilton has the ball in space and lacks the pace to finish off the movement.
  12. ScarletLion

    ScarletLion Guest

    Milward is a great shout. But this guy embarasses me most:


    Thats G Thomas, not the guy on the right.
  13. Jer1cho

    Jer1cho Guest

    Is it really necessary to explain? Ladies and gentlemen, i give you, The Bulls secret weapon: JP Nel

  14. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    George Pisi


  15. As i imbarassed by no Stormers player :bravo: . I decided to go for the biggest donkey in world football Kirk Broadfoot, after his latest **** performance of giving away the ball 12 times this evening.

  16. RC

    RC Guest

    Wait, you say that like it's a good thing...
  17. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    I agree, what a knob.
  18. Nidhogg

    Nidhogg Guest

    Anyone of those tossers that gets mixed up in fights in and around the game shames me, go play football or something.
  19. ra5137

    ra5137 Guest

    Matt Henjack and Andrew Johns from rugby league!!!!!!!!!
  20. melon

    melon Guest

    Come on mate, surely you can tell us why.
  21. violent offender and drug cheat?
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