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Playing as weak teams



hi all,.
this is really to those who have played rugby 06, but can anyone tell me if its possible to play as a weak team such as Bristol (sorry Bristol fans! i know they aren't weak in real life, but i cant see them being that good on the game, EA dont know much!) and play against, say, Wasps and be able to beat them, but at the same time,it be enjoyable? i know on the last game it was possible to win as 'weaker' teams, but very difficult, especially on hard setting.

if anyone info to answer this query, would be much appreciated!
well for club i can see what your saying, it makes sense that you could beat any given club team with any given club team, because they arent national theyre club..

but the hardness in international was spot on, theres no way a person should be able to beat say, a, new zealand with the usa (even tho i did it enroute to the WC victory!)

the ony thing wrong with the international was that say ireland played england, england wold still be able to steal the ball everytime..thats something that needs to be fixed

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