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Playing out of position....



Tomorrow is our first league match of the season, and I just can't wait.

As I'm sure most of you know, I'm hooker but I amalso a utillity forward, I can play 1-8 no problem. Last Thursday, our dipshit of a captain and tight head managed to go and mess up not just one, but BOTH his shoulders and is out for the next five weeks. So I'm now having to play tight-head as the other tightheads are either unfit or haven't trained with the team for a few weeks due to other commitments, and will probably do so for the next couple weeks untill our other tight heads are available. I have only got one problem, and that's that I won't have had a chance to show that I'm the best hooker in the team by the time our captain comes back and will probably be stuck on the bench for a bit. It's a pain in the arse if I get played out of position right at the start of the year.

How does everyone feel about being played out of position?
Oh man, I really hate it. I feel for ya mate. Im always Hooker, flanker, or fullback, never been anything else. One game, we only had 1 replacement, who was a flanker, which i was playing that day. Our outside center got injured, and they put me back there. It's so hard to play on the back line with no practice and always being with the 8 pack. I really want to be a really good flanker, I love to hit. But we always have a shortage on other positions which i always end up having to fill cause i can play it. :(
Tell me about it, I remember one game at school I started at centre, and due to injuries ended up playing left wing, then right wing, then full back and lastly 1st 5 all in one game...
I don't have a set position so it's never really worried me. Anywhere from 10 outwards will do. I'm just happy to be playing.

At one stage I played 3 or 4 years almost exclusively in the centre, but then due to my versatility/other people being better at 12 and 13 I switched to a winger.

And now I class myself as a fullback.

Being dropped for no apparent reason though, now that's a bugger. Had that happen on a few occassions.
Eh i dont like it, i used to play 13 but because of my size (5 foot 6 inches) i was switched to scrum half which is my favourite and best position, but sometimes ill fill in at 10 if he's injured. But this year i doubt i'll play a position besides scrum half which is a verrrry good thin :D .

10 is an alright position, i dont have to much trouble running 10 because i have a good pass, i just dont like having to play more defense and call plays every time.
I, like you play hooker but am also a utility forward. I can fill in anywhere in the pack as well can cover halfback and centre. If i had the gas i'd be able to cover everwhere but i don't. When i play for my school i pretty much know for sure i'm playing hooker which is nice because i love it. But when i play for club it can be anywhere. When i was on tour in Wales with them a couple of years ago i played every single position in the pack. Loosehead, hooker, tight head, both locks, both flanks and number 8. Sometimes i throw and jump in the same game. It can be frustrating at times not knowing where i'm going to play but it can also be fun. The best thing you can do is play your game and play it well. That way you'll get a look from your coaches when you captain comes back from injury.
Well i'm not all that worried about loosinng my place cause I'm alot bigger and stronger and probably more skillfull than the other hooker, but it's not the best way for me to start the season. Unfortunatley, I have to lift at the front of the lineout. If i'm having to lift I normally do it from the back but our first jumper is a heavy *******.
I can play 2nd row, flanker or 8. I much prefer eight than any other and feel much more comfortable there.

I've never been too phased by playing out of position; last season we had 14 players or a match and I had to play full-back and that was my best game ever. I could very easily play backs.
Our captain decided to play today, so I had to start from the bench. He got fooked after 10 mins but I stayed on the bench untill half time. The other hooker was piash, I was tight head from half time and as soon as i came on i went on a 50 foot charge with 3 opposition players hanging off of me. It came to nothing though, and the team played like fannies and gave up meaning we lost 41-0. Worlds worst selection policy there...play an injured player, and the two smallest front row while keeping the two biggest and most experienced on the bench, untill we're 14-0 down and on the back foot. Everyone agreed with me, except the guys who picks the team. He couldn't pick his nose.
i played sh a few times and loved it, although the rest of the team didnt. needless to say i was ****.
I havent really ben put out of position, coz I just fit in anywhere up front really... but for nearly one season however, I was put as a prop due to the demand for weight up front, and i was forced to relieve my prefered position of Flanker... alas when i got back to play flank, I needed time to get back to full performance...

i believe there should be a law against it. totally.

i've played between wing, flanker, centre, and my favourite so far is fullback, but my bloody-minded coach wants to play this complete j*****d who can't pass for his life in whatever position i wake up wanting to play in. :cryy:
I have played al most everything 1-22. So I dont mind as long as its not lock lol
played the best game of my life(all one year of playing rugby) at no. 6
I couldn't scrum there for beans as I'm used to front row play so I over commited in scrums, but I'd been conditioning alot then so maybe that's why.
My friend who is a prop/second-row who played 3rds with me last year went to 1sts/2nds training yesterday to see what it was like, he wasn't fit enough to last the whole session yet he has been picked to play hooker tomorrow for our senior seconds. He knows nothing about being a hooker so I have to teach him everything between now and 2pm tomorrow. He's not best pleased.
Tips for scrumaging would be nut yer opposition on the way in, and hit the engage as hard as you can. Hook the ball with the outside of your boot, you won't twist that way. Also, to steal opposition ball (it's my speciallity) just be as quick as you possible can.
Tips for scrumaging would be nut yer opposition on the way in, and hit the engage as hard as you can. Hook the ball with the outside of your boot, you won't twist that way. Also, to steal opposition ball (it's my speciallity) just be as quick as you possible can.

I think I have him more or less sorted for scrums he's just slightly ****** at having to throw lineouts.

if you're hooking the ball don't you just go right foot over left?
I went for a run the other day. I decided anywhere on the pitch is now out of position for me.

Teh Mite = Waterboy
I tend not to do that because it means that I body is twisted and I can't push fully. If you use your outside foot then your body is square on and it's alot harder to move.
Same problem here however

Im a Hooker by trade but can play anywhere along the fonr row. Not being cocky or nothin but I play each position very well. I find tight-head the most entertaining position out of the three! I can smack the opposition flaner, lock or oblitarate the opposite prop. I enjoy it the most when I get the opposition player to scream in pain. Im not crazy but it means that you are doin you'r job.

Tip for hooking! If you are right footed, just before you engaed, make sure you are twisted a bit to you'r left, this will mean that you will be able to strike your right foot straight accross. Therefore it will mean that you cut accross the opposite hooker.

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