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    yeah, i know completely random, but I took my son to the playmobile fun park in paris today.

    It's basically a big commercial unit/warehouse, turned into a giant Playmobile castle onthe outside complete with life size playmobile people and inside they have quadrants with multiple sets of playmobile collections layed out.

    so for the Knights and Dragons they have about 15 castles laid out, with a bucket of figures and dragons and the extra bits and pieces per castle, and you just walk in pick a set and start playing with it.

    a quadrant for the Knights and Dragons, one for Faries and Princesses, one for Wild West and Pirates, then one for Modern life - also smaller tables for small micro collections like Fairgrounds etc...

    Anything that is missing a part, or something you want isn't there they have a counter and you just go and ask and they get the set for the kid.

    3e each to go in, and the shop on the way out sells new and 2nd hand stuff that's been used but is still good for half price.

    I'm not sure who had more fun him or me...amazing.
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