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Playstation 3 HeadsUp



***People with FAT PS3's, Slims are not affected***

Chucked on the PS3 today and noticed my time had reset to 31/12/1999. Ignored it and tried continuing playing Heavy Rain. It wouldn't let me and gave me some error about trophy restoration. Then I seen it had deleted all my HR trophies, no biggy but I did a lil surf about on PC and see that shedloads of people with fat PS3's are having the same problem and some people have had all their trophies deleted and save games corrupted. Also all DLC had been deleted for some and they couldn't play games they downloaded from PSN or watch films they had just bought.

Sony are aware of the problem and are working on it and you can keep updated on http://twitter.com/SonyPlaystation but they aint replied for ages now. And weirdly some people that have never put their PS3 online are having same prob. Could be somehting to do with March 1st today and it thought it was a leap year. Which means the glitch would of been in the fat PS3s from the start.

Some people are recommending not to turn on yer PS till Sony have rectified the error. At mo all I have lost is teh HR trophies. My DLC "seems" to be there but I can't access it without getting an error.

EDIT : Ah just seen this on yahoo http://uk.videogames.games.yahoo.com/f8/ne...bug-38b6f8.html

St Helens RLFC

It's of no benefit for me for PSN to break, I've got one of those as well!

But the fact of the matter remains that PSN is slow, unreliable, accident prone and is absolutely drubbed by Live.


it's a huge mistake regardless of what console you own. having a large amount of your userbase locked out when a big game like heavy rain has come out is not good at all. hopefully it get's fixed quickly for all those affected.


This has stuffed my system up. I just finished Heavy rain a coupe of days ago, so I got lucky, but I stil have alot of PS network games that I cant play.


thanks for this news
i wont be turning it on for a while now
i considered heavy rain, came on here to find impressions and now find this
it will continue to live under 1cm of dust behind my xbox, until sony fix this
damn they better hurry up god of war and heavy rain need to be fondled!!


Its all good now, you just have to adjust the date and are then good to go.


I'm Lolling at the fact Sony are twittering about how wonderful the PSN is while all this is afoot! :lol: