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Playstation 3

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C A Iversen

Righto guys,

This thread is for those of us who have bought a PS3 and want to:

* Catch up and play other TRF members online

* Add other TRF members to their Buddy list

* Discuss what they enjoy or dislike about their PS3

* Discuss any up to date info on future firmware upgrades or Playstation Home or even Playstation Network/Store.

* Most importantly, form leagues for upcoming sports ***les like Fifa '08, Tiger Woods '08 or even games like Resistance.

PLEASE NOTE: If any slagging of any make of console becomes the focus, expect deleted posts.
In all honesty, I expect this thread to remain quiet for the forseeable future.
Yes, well I can talk to myself, Teh. I'll be getting the most intelligent conversation on the forum!!!!!

So, Craig. How do you like playing Warhawk?

Well, it is a good game with killer graphics, but I just can't help feel that I'm repeating myself everytime I play it, being online and all.

Mmmm, yeah, I know what you mean. Keen for a game?

IIII don't know, you are pretty good.

Ohh go on, go on.

Weeeelll, OK! If you promise to go easy on me.

Deal! Only for the first two kills though.

have moved the 360 posts to the 360 topic. There was nothing after AKs post about 360 with anythign to do with playstation.

just thought i would tidy it up.

I still havnt decided what i am going to get yet.

wont be until my trip to the states anyway.
Well, I've largely noticed that TRF has loads of 360 users, but I'm hoping that out of nearly 5,000 members now, there might be a good dozen or so, who are keen to game online with PS3.

Further on I would hope that as the price goes down, PS3 will become a more commonly owned thing.
A price drop of around $200 would be needed down under because you can get blu-ray drives built into laptops for around $700 etc. I don't think I will ever get a ps3 because it simply doesn't have the games I like and the blu-ray drive I can get for cheaper than the ps3 for my pc which I do most of my gaming on.
Has anyone played Virtua Tennis on the PS3? Ive got the demo, and must say im impressed.

Also, does anyone know if Rugby 08 is compatible with the PS3? I know Jonah Lomu Rugby is...Excellent.
My PS3 can play any PS2 or PS1 games, but I hear they switched to software emulation instead of hardware based that they had at launch. When did you get yours? If it was recently, then I'm not sure.

I am anxiously waiting for the PS3 to get going outside the US. One of the main reasons I bought it was because it was region free. I can't wait to import wrestling and mixed martial arts games from Japan and sports game we don't get(cricket, rugby, more soccer choices) from Europe.
Has anyone played Virtua Tennis on the PS3? Ive got the demo, and must say im impressed.

Also, does anyone know if Rugby 08 is compatible with the PS3? I know Jonah Lomu Rugby is...Excellent. [/b]

Yes, I've hired Virtua Tennis, played it on and off over a week, and it's very, very good. No online play, but it is a ***le I will buy. If you liked the demo, I can honestly say that was nothing. I'd give it a solid 8.2 out of 10.

Yes, Rugby '08 is compatible with the PS3, no problems whatsoever.
i want a PS3... i just cant afford it. i will never get a 360. im sony through and through... i havent even played a PS3 yet. i could hire one for a week or so but if i do that then theres no way i could ever go back to my little old PS2.

i just have too many other more important things to get at the moment...
Thats probably fair enough. I got one, but I can understand where your coming from. There are sometimes more important things in life than a console.

I got a PS3 for NZ$1195 with one controller and a game. Now its that price for two games, two controllers and the Blu Ray/DVD remote. I can only imagine where the price will be after Christmas.

I would guess NZ$999 for the above package. Once it slides below a grand (NZ) it'll start to pose some real competition to Xbox 360.

I sure would like to play you (and everyone else) at Rugby when the next version comes out though!

It better be on next gen by then surely! It'll hopefully be referred to as current gen by this time next year, provided the damn price does come down!
As that's the real deterrent, $800 or less for me and I'll consider it...

Which in all likely hood is best part of a year away imo, maybe more.
Yep, well thats about a 33% drop from current prices, so can't see that much of a drop for well over a year. Sony are selling them at a loss at the moment, so manufacturing costs would have to somehow be trimmed incredibly.

Sony's best move would be to do the PS3 at the NZ$800 that you say, but only in a package which you get the two controllers, but makes you buy 4-5 Sony games and the remote.

Anyway by this time next year, I'm betting the Xbox360 will be RROD free and I'll be able to buy an Elite for NZ$649. Then I can have both.

Although the PS3 will be much better to be on then, with a huge range of games, Playstation Home, DVR and free online gaming.

One thing I'm not looking forward to on Xbox 360 is Microsoft living in my wallet.
OK a double post, but I've just got Fifa '08 on PS3, and I'd like to know if anyone on the forum wants to add me to their friends list for a few games.

If we get enough TRF'ers with this game, I'd love to have a league or cup started.

By the way, the game is really good. On PS3 Forums some people are calling it as good as the previous PES games!
By the way, the game is really good. On PS3 Forums some people are calling it as good as the previous PES games!
Not as an impressive thing as I would have liked :(

Is the play more like the PC FIFA 07 or the xbox 360 version?

It's just that I am dissappointed with the similarity of PC FIFA 08 and am pinning all my hopes on a good next gen game.....

How in depth is the be a pro mode (in the PC version when playing a season you don't even have a ladder!)
i agree

i havent played the ps3 version, but the x360 demo is better than any PES i have ever played

they have nailed the realism on the head

Fifa08 demo on x360 is the best video game football i have ever played

now i await the full version TONIGHT BABY!!!
Well, I hear that the Xbox 360 version is pretty much exactly the same as what I'm playing.

Haven't gone into Be A Pro yet, but have found that the game is paced pretty well, but didn't play PC '07 so can't compare and I played Xbox '07 very little. From memory this is better, sprinting isn't the same speed for every player. Good players are actually really useful because of that.

I think after the weekend, I'll know just how good it is overall. At this stage though, I'm giving it an "Early Days Yet" - 8.7/10. The way sports games are, after a good play over the weekend that could drop by up to 1.5 or maybe go up .5 at most.
some interesting news guys. new 40gb model is coming out. this from gameplanet.co.nz

Basic PS3 model next week, price drop on Starter Pack bundle
Posted by M @ 10:39 a.m. NZDT

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced details of its new PlayStation 3 model that will launch throughout the SCEE territories, including New Zealand, on 10th October 2007 for â'¬399. Providing an "incredibly appealing entry point" to the world of high definition gaming and entertainment for the holiday season, the new PS3 brings the next generation of interactive home entertainment to homes all across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.

The introduction of the new PS3 has been determined following user feedback from thousands of existing PS3 owners as well as research into future potential PS3 owners. The new model features two USB 2.0 ports rather than four and no longer includes the multi memory card port.

The new model is no longer backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 ***les, reflecting both the reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3, as well as the availability of a more extensive line-up of PS3 specific ***les.

The existing Starter Pack, comprising a 60GB PS3 with extensive backwards compatibility, an additional Sixaxis wireless controller and two first party ***les, will be reduced in price to â'¬499, remaining on sale while stocks last.

had a look on the eb australia site and the 40gb model is retailing for $700. I do have a question for those with a ps3 and/or ps2. For those with a ps3 how many ps2 games do you play on your ps3? and for those looking to upgrade from a ps2 with a largeish collection how big of an omission is the backwards compatibilty for you?

From my point of view I would have thought backwards compatibilty would still be fairly big since the ps3 doesn't have a huge range of games yet but perhaps this isn't an issue anymore.
Well, backwards compatibility would be a big issue, but it doesn't seem to affect many games really. I haven't had any problems from about 16 ***les.

It seems to affect a lot smaller number than Xbox360 backwards compatibility. Not running the 360 down, it just appears that way to me.

I use the EA Rugby and cricket series fairly regularly and it's no different at all. Otherwise, I use PS2 ***les every now and then, but mainly play PS3 ***les.

From what I heard about the new PS3 pack, it's backwards compatibility will be no different than what we in NZ have had from the start, which is software-based emulation. I could be wrong though.

I hope this new change sells a few more PS3's in NZ and particularly on the rugby forum. I'd love to play ol' esoj in a bit of Fifa '08 or Motorstorm.
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