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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Dmx#1, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Basically submit a song/verse/poem of your own or even feel free to post someone elses work. Feel free to comment on anything thats posted on here. Well im not a rapper or anything but I thoughti would put a (literally) bad rap verse that has an eminem influence to it. It might be offensive so beware its supposed to be funny although its very dark humor. I just wrote this now so feel free to give harsh criticism

    All I ever wanted in life was 2 girls to bust nuts
    Then reality hit and all i got was 2 girls and one cup
    People call me a "dumbf***" and say "u need help" and "I pity ya"
    All because I married with a prostitute from bolivia
    She has a flat a$$ and fake hooters like olivia
    I hit it raw even though she had H.I.V and chlamidya
    Mashed on mushrooms getting the heebie jeebies back
    Im a crackhead i smoke more phillys peedi crack
    Tried to pay some dude to listen to my song he threw the cd back
    I guess im with wrong crowd my best friends a necrophilliac
    i dont make deep music my raps are shallow as hell
    I will murk you and toss ya ass in the shallowest well
    Hell, I well wear your hide like cowella devalle
    I mean devill pardon me
    I slit my wrists in a vertical motion so I can sever a artery
    I take enhancing drugs so I can run from cops at sonic speed
    I'll Shoot u with a bee bee shotgun if step on my property
    Honestly Im pathological liar
    Slash Arsonist who has facisnation with fire
    I have an IQ of a monkey whos trained to rhyme
    You must be more of a dumbass than me to believe half of my lines

    Post anything thats related to song lyrics, poems etc
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  3. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    nice multies, skillz.

    blap blap yeah i write bars from time to time. Got bored in an English lesson...

    Musing in another English class,
    Bruising as I’m losing, these exams I won’t pass,
    Can’t wait for the bell to go at last,
    Burnt state like hell from this blast
    As the fire alarm sounds,
    Ringing, the beat pounds,
    Singing its heart out
    As I spark you in ya mout’,
    Mark you with a proper clout,
    Violate your property, hook you like trout,
    Irate uppercut sends straight your supper up,
    Not buttercups but daisies you’ll be pushin’ up,
    Tongue goes lazy, vision hazy,
    Sprung by this crazy collision maybe,
    Definitely violent like guerrilla collides military,
    Alluding that you’re slyly killin’ me,
    But still a lot of lovin’, all brilliant when we’re pillin’
    Light up like a light bulb electrically billin’,
    I’m waking from my reverie,
    I’m shaking you cos you’ll never be
    Quite like me,
    Or fight like me, you’ll die twice nightly,
    Hands round your neck as they grip tightly,
    Got to get back to this bright poetry.
  4. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    I got all the female listners fuming
    Since i said Woman are only good for reproducing
    Im a sexist prick bitch its clearly evident
    thats why 90% of my critics are feminists
    and 10% are ex girlfriendsd who turned lesbian
    Asking rich kids snorting coke if "I cud get a sniff?"
    My 6 year old cousin sniffs petrol I asked "Can get a whiff?"
    He replied "F**** you DarkMan you still owe me a spliff!"
    I threatened him "Im gonna beat ur ass u litttle sh*t"
    On buzz driving I can barely get the gears to shift
    Road Rage telling the world I DONT GIVE A ****
    From the first verb all the way to the third verse
    I splurge words to create a preverse verse
    Just make sure ur buzzed out and play in reverse first
    Drugs will enhance your life just start with the dirt herb
    You will feel a tingling sensation followed by a head rush
    Hey kids watch my stab my osophagus and make my neck gush
    Take a couple of these pills and find out what dis ex does
    Have sex with a person with aids with no condom and find out sex does
    Im hardest in the rap game and fact is all yor lames softs
    Im the type of person to survive when I attempt to blow my brains off
  5. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    alright darkman let's have a battle,
    but beware I'm known to spark man in their adam's apple,
    so listen up, get me while I spit it,
    i'll freestyle this **** better than you could have writ it,
    you may have a few sick bars, but I know you'll have bit it,
    see like Jack Kerouac I'm a beat poet,
    i'll beat you so hard and make your teeth know it,
    yo, this guy thinks he's god, he's king,
    He's like a kid at the ice rink holdin on to the outside ring,
    In trouble with police, better know you sang
    You could date a stick of dynamite and wouldn't go out with a bang,
    So give me a second DarkManX, I'm on a poetic flex,
    I can't believe you're still here you pathetic poomplex,
    You'll get trapped like spastic pets having sex in cricket nets,
    No kiwi could ever take an English wicket yet,
    understand that I'm the sickest vet
    against me you would never make a bet,
    so i'll watch while you crumple in fear,
    make this kiwi pee pee till you've got antipodean beer,
    like castlemaine four x's stands for P-I-S-S
    and listen as on to my ex's i digress next,
    let me tell you what happened to the gash in my life,
    number one got a slappin then a slash of my knife,
    two wasn't conscious, her end's rawer,
    slip in the rohyp, undo the zip, hitch skirt up, bored her,
    three tried to fight back so i switched out and floored her,
    squashed four between a bike rack with her tits out then ignored her,
    yo darkman want more? cos like Hindley you'll get MOORdered.
  6. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Yeah man I will spit a verse 2morrow after my exam. I gotta study 4 exam for a tonight. I we ill eat you alive man :p
  7. janco

    janco Guest

    Nice verses man
  8. sotti84

    sotti84 Guest

    The best lyrics for a song (taken from th JRR Tolkien Silmarillion)

    Nightfall - Blind Guardian
    No sign of life did flicker
    In floods of tears she cried
    "All hope's lost it can't be undone
    They're wasted and gone"

    "Save me your speeches
    I know (They blinded us all)
    What you want
    You will take it away from me
    Take it and I know for sure
    The light she once brought in
    Is gone forevermore"

    Like sorrowful seaguls they sang
    "(We're) lost in the deep shades
    The misty cloud brought
    (A wailing when beauty was gone
    Come take a look at the sky)
    Monstrous it covered the shore
    Fearful into the unknown"
    Quietly it crept in new horror
    Insanity reigned
    And spilled the first blood
    When the old king was slain

    Quietly crept in and changed us all
    Quietly crept in and changed us all
    Immortal land lies down in agony

    "How long shall we
    Mourn in the dark
    the bliss and the beauty
    Will not return
    Say farewell to sadness and grief
    Though long and hard the road may be"
    But even in silence I heard the words
    "An oath we shall swear
    By the name of the one
    Until the world's end
    It can't be broken"

    Just wondering how
    I can still hear these voices inside

    The doom of the Noldor drew near

    The words of a banished king
    "I swear revenge"
    Filled with anger aflamed our hearts
    Full of hate full of pride
    We screamed for revenge


    "Vala he is that's what you said
    Then your oath's been sworn in vain
    (But) freely you came and
    You freely shall depart
    (So) never trust the northern winds
    Never turn your back on friends"

    "Oh I'm heir of the high lord!"
    "You better don't trust him"
    The enemy of mine
    Isn't he of your kind and
    Finally you may follow me
    He said


    Back to where it all began
  9. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Sorry for the late one man I spent my holidays catching up on school work. Man it sucked. Anyway I start the battle back up again

    When we engage in battle your brains will rattle
    You cant handle my crew we will live you lames dismantled
    I'll slay this mammal this **** is raw your spit flawed
    In school i'd toss as in locker and call u 'ginger balls'
    Bury u beneath the earths crust alive in its core
    Toss your spirit outta the globe so it can get sent to god
    I pity yall anybody can can get it dog
    Im gully ass senagon when i get it on
    Im your father i birthed u and mother wishes u never born
    You go to jail on purpose enjoying ur ass gettin torn
    You lack metaphors plus im better dog
    Looking like a hobo in your sig are u getting any chedder dog?
    I get the saw sever the bones of this eminem clone
    Since 5th grade u was a bitchmade feminent hoe
    I gotta elegent flow 22 bars i got seven to go
    Im like a intricately designed bomb thats ready 2 blow
    This gingers a whinger so getting what you ask for
    Lay u out on the asphalt ur lifespan will pass in fast forward
    We can battle in private or public in front cam cords
    gingergenius consititutes to a prostitute who is nothin but cashwore
    u a pussy so ima break this bitches glass jaw
    You a phony rocking fake bapes and such
    Ill reinact the 'cook the man some scenes" like jake the mus
    Rock you till your face will gush the color of a red ruby
    Thats more then twentytwo bars bitch so what sue me
  10. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    on a level blud, i'm insulted,
    you come with nuff punchlines but only one got me revolted,
    sayin I rock fake bape, for that i'll shake you out of shape for f***'s sake,
    break you into pieces and put you back together with duck tape,
    calling my **** fake is as true as what's written in scripture,
    if you want me to prove you wrong, wow, here's a picture,
    so here we go, let's see what happens when you click on this line,
    a bathing ape, now i'll spit for a bit more time,
    the forces of good combine to see the Darkman decline,
    haha f*** Darkman you're still a younga, belong in a nursery rhyme
    you're about to get slewed you'll wish you could make this verse rewind,
    so here's me with my finger on he play button,
    just linger a little longer and hear me say summink,
    now your chats are good, i admit it,
    but really darkman, in what language do you spit it?
    it looks to me suspiciously american, 'y'all', 'dog', 'cheddar'
    far from a proud kiwi, i see your face get redder and redder,
    pinching another country's slang, boy thats so low you're more than 6 feet deader,
    see me standing above the grave looking down on you,
    see me patronise with my anglicised bars as i frown on you,
    buried in the earth like that it's as if you dug straight from new zealand and didn't quite make it,
    now you just a duppyman, so numb you can't feel your hand, reach out but I won't shake it,
    i just take the spade and smack your back, break it,
    see i'm a pain in the back like a broken spine, haha i'd chat more of this but i don't think you could take it.
  11. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    One the microphone i snipe ya dome till ur a lifeless casualty
    Stomp your face till its flatter than lifeless battery
    A pain in the back? Ur pain in the ass when u got ducktape
    Ur girls gotta strap gettin u buttraped
    For f***s sake i'll riddle this anglo saxon
    switching between black and white like michael jackson
    My **** is iconic isnt it ironic
    That listening to ur raps is like shakespeare spitting ebonics
    Im demonic & devislish ur nuthing short of pathetic kid
    I'll make your whole body numb like sedative
    Its raw and unedited
    I was on the block while this silver spooned fag was learning food edicate
    Bring the medics in coz im too sick while u got no swagger
    Your broke bummy cracked out version mick jagger
    Your a emo slash breakdancer cross dresser turned rapper
    you a actor im trying to get more green than packers
    Dissing me like u know me you dont even have a identity
    Call me amnesia because i will erase u like a memory
    My style is as powerful as kinetic energy
    I'll make ur body more hollow than a bottle of hennesy
    I make more noise then when the rougers is off
    toss you like a ragdoll like im a jedi using the force
  12. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    mm lyrics the backbone of any good folk artist:
    Pictures on my wall,
    Fifteen different colours,
    Starting with vermillion-
    The first flower of the summer,
    And don't think I'll be finished
    Till I've begun to understand this,
    With you stretched out in the sunlight,
    As your laughter fills my canvas
    The sun falls in my fingers,
    On your back against the blinds,
    It's tracing out your hollows
    It is filling in your lines,
    There your curl finds your spiral
    As you silhouette the window,
    When my brush forgives itself
    Spills lines upon your pillow,
    Finds you standing in the middle
    Of the lines you've laid down before
    Try to trace my picture into yours
    Let me paint you in the corner,
    As your shoulders trap the light
    See the sunset feeling golden
    On the wineskins of the night
    I have seen your eyes in paintings
    As Cathedrals cried Hosanna
    Let me paint your face in frescos
    Hang your hair like Angelabra
    See you standing in the middle
    Of lines you laid down before,
    Try to paint my picture into yours
    In the morning let me find you
    As I call to you by name,
    Your body warm beside me
    Not imprisoned in a frame
    I could never find the colours
    Or the light that finely paints you
    With those roses in your hair
    Smell of wine, immortal perfume
    As you're standing in the middle
    Of lines you laid down before
    Tryin' to paint my picture into yours
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