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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by sambãd5, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. just got back from the police concet. it was awesome. so much energy from the crowd. everyone got into it and it was great to see the blonde boys back in action. opened with message in a bottle, then towards the end roxanne, so lonely and every breath you take, and it was something special.


    the opening act was fergie. WTF FERGIE!?!?! and she was sooo so so so soooooo bad. it was unbeliveable. quite funny really. she asked the crowed to sing along and there was silence. but worst of all, which was an abomination of music, is that afterr playing her own songs that no-one liked badly, she did a medly. she absolutly slaughted paul mccartneys live and let die, she went on to kill led zeppelins black dog, everclears santa monica and then the rolling stones start me up. it was so bad, and then she goes "YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN f***ING ROCK" then ruins hearts only good song, barracuda. i was about to go home then.
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    LOL, yeah. At first I really wanted to go to this concert, then I heard Santana was coming to town so it was a toss up. The ultimate deciding factor which lead me to see Carlos was Fergie. Seriously, Fergie? With the Police? The old timers must have been slitting their wrists listening to her butchering their favourite past time songs.

    Apart from her, I bet it kicked ass. Did they play Wrapped around your finger? That woulda been awesome live, my favourite Police song.
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