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Pool D Fixtures

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<div align="center">Pool D Fixtures

07 September 2007
France v Argentina, Stade de France, Pool D, (2000 BST)

09 September 2007
Ireland v Namibia, Bordeaux, Pool D, (1900 BST)

11 September 2007
Argentina v Georgia, Lyon, Pool D, (1900 BST)

15 September 2007
Ireland v Georgia, Bordeaux, Pool D, (2000 BST)

16 September 2007
France v Namibia, Toulouse, Pool D, (2000 BST)

21 September 2007
France v Ireland, Stade de France, Pool D, (2000 BST)

22 September 2007
Argentina v Namibia, Marseille, Pool D, (2000 BST)

26 September 2007
Georgia v Namibia, Lens, Pool D, (1700 BST)

30 September 2007
France v Georgia, Marseille, Pool D, (1400 BST)
Ireland v Argentina, Parc des Princes, Pool D, (1600 BST) </div>
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