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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by getofmeland, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    <div align="center">France
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    This one is going to be hard! I'd like to say France is a definite with a battle between Ireland and Argentina for the other spot, but anything is possible really! My head says France and Ireland. However, Argentina have a huge chance of beating Ireland and will be a huge threat to France.
  4. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    1) Ireland
    2) France
    3) Argentina
    4) Georgia
    5) Namibia

  5. melon

    melon Guest

  6. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    I think we are forgetting the fact that France,Ireland and Argentina can all beat each other... I think it would be a case of who racks up the most points against Georgia and Namibia
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to that. Argentina came far too close to France last time. I would love for Les Bleus to stroll on through but they will most likely fall at least once. The thing about this pool is that because of the competition, we can see that the two teams who advance to the next round are going to be stronger having faced tougher opposition in the pool stages.
  8. I believe that Argentina will get through in second with a do or die match against Ireland.The Argentina vs Ireland match will be compulsory viewing for all fans it will go down to the wire.The French will win this group most definitely.

    The fact that the Welwitschias have made there 3rd world cup is amazing. I will watch the georgia vs Namibia match with interest should be good. :D

  9. eoino

    eoino Guest

    Any of the top 3 teams in this group can come first, I wouldnt be suprised if Ireland came first or Argentina... Its all down to what happens on the day. Looking at it statistcly, France and Ireland will battle it out for 1st and 2nd place, Argentina will be there to try and upset the odds. If France and Ireland get through... either team could win the world cup after playing in a group with that high level of intensity. Argentina are an excellent team, but the quarters for them if they get through this group.

    Namibia and Georgia will battle it out with pride for 4th place!
  10. wygy

    wygy Guest

    France to win with the home crowd a huge advantage I can see Ireland choking in the Argentina game, again I'm worried about the strength in depth. If ireland lose O Gara, or O Driscoll they would suddenly become a different team
  11. SmokeyMonkey

    SmokeyMonkey Guest

    Seriously I can't predict which postions Ire, Fra and Arg will finish, especially considering Argentina's form in France! Easily the closest pool (or 'group of death') in the competition.
  12. King_D'Arcy

    King_D'Arcy Guest

    If Ireland have their full team healthy i cant see them getting knocked out in the group stages. They can certainly beat France. There's no question about that.

    I haven't checked the Heineken cup area to see if this has been discussed but I'm a bit suspicious of Ireland and France having all their teams knocked out so early. I think they're planning to get their players rested for the world cup. It's pretty suspicious.

    Biarritz lost to Northampton
    Leinster got trashed by Wasps
    Munster lost to Llanelli

    I just think the fact that not 1 Irish or French team got through is a bit suspicious and that the worst English team got through.
  13. Gulli

    Gulli Guest

    namibia and georgia to go through

    the other three to choke big time :p

    being serious though, Ireland v Argentina will decide second place, france have home advantage and will win the group
  14. I think that provided Ireland have BOD, O'Connell and ROG they will backlash violently against France (still carrying the weight of 6 nations failure) and win by a solid margin. Argentina more likely to be a slipup point I think.
    Still, nearly impossible to predict this group. It's going to be exciting.
  15. stringer9

    stringer9 Guest

    Talk about the pool of death like. Everyone thinks that France will top and it'll be a battle between Argentina and Ireland. Ya it'll be hard like but I just odn't think Argentina have enough fitness or experience together as a team to keep up with the other 2. The home crowd mightn't work for France, the pressure and the whole occasion got to us against France in Croker. And France are in line for some hell of a beating. I get the impression that they think that they're untouchable and Ireland are carrying their pain and anger into the WC after having hte 6 Nations ripped out of their hands. They're just waiting for France because they are going to be so wound up going into that match and the pressure on France and we would enjoy nothing more then thrashing (well you know beating them anyway) France at home in the WC just like they ruined our "fairytale." France have been riding this wave of luck for too long and it's about time we brought them crashing down to earth.

    The only problem with Ireland is the depth of the squad, ya fine if anything..*TOUCH WOOD*..happens to BoD then there's always someone like Trimble to put on the wing with Horgan moving in and if ROG, again *TOUCH WOOD* gets injured then Wallace, who like Boss for Stringer is a decent enough replacement but I don't think either of them are as good our have enough matvh experience as the other partnership. There's ways to work around it like..crisis injuries like but we wont be anywhere near as good if anything does happen.

    But Ireland, on form have an amazing team, an amazing pack, 2 outstanding half backs and a class class backline. We can win a match for only like 30/40% of the ball and Argentina have a good pack but they might struggle with the Irish backs. And they really want to bring it to France and beat them in front of their home crowd.

    I think that Ireland play better rugby then France, I don't really know about Argentina. But past games asside it's all about who preforms on the day.."Sport has no memory" it's all about the 80 odd mins of rugby and the 15 out there. It's really unpredictable, to unpredictable. I hope, that Ireland finish in the top 2 but like I said anything can happen.
  16. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest


    That's the *best conspiracy theory i've heard in a long time.
    Really, the Irish and French obviously need to pull out their players earlier for the world cup it just all adds up. It's got nothing to do with the teams not performing on the day, being out classed by a better team. Munster were annihalated by a rampant Scarlets. Leinster were made to look incompetent by Wasps. And altho scrappy Northampton took their opportunities when presented and fought an ugly match very well.

    *best = most idiotic
  17. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Oi! Munster weren't "annihilated" - they were just outplayed by the next champions of Europe. And we let the Welsh have that one because we're preparing to be the next champions of the World.

    I'm confident that Ireland and France will send Argentina packing with points to spare. Ireland have the measure of France, but les Bleus should make Stade de France advantage pay. This group could end up a lot more cut and dried than we imagine.

    But I hate it when Redunderthebed makes predictions - he gets them right.
  18. stringer9

    stringer9 Guest

    Ya Munster weren't "annihialated" ya fine they were "out Munster-ed" but still like, they faught to the end, fine they played nowhere near as good as they could and Scarlets took advantage of it. I'm not making excuses but Munster and Leinster have a massive disadvantage compared to any of the Welsh, English and French teams, more then half of the Munster team were away on international duties, (the same with Leinster,) they hadn't played together for more then 2 and a half months, they were without their captain Paul O Connell which was a massive, massive blow and they'd a few other injuries aswell, they were tired and lacked that..I don't know, spark..it just was missing that night, taking all that into account and the fact that most of the starting Munster players played for all, if not most, of a massively competitive 6 Nations..they weren't "annihialated" Scarlets were just fresher and more alert, while Munster played tired, disjointed rugby but we played and faught right to the end. I'm not making excuses, they played badly but atleast they faught to the end.
    But on another day Munster really could of put it to them, and beat them, saying that though I think that Scarlets will go on and win the Heineken Cup..anyone but Leicester..PLEASE!!
  19. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Scarlets lost their players to international duties as well mate. But Phil Davies (Scarlets coach) did the sensible thing and give his players what was essentially a warm up game before the quarter finals.
  20. stringer9

    stringer9 Guest

    Ya but I doubht it was anyway near the amount of Munster players and most of the Munster players played for all the 6 Nations give or take a few mins at the end like.
  21. ROG's placekicking versus Llanelli was incredibly worrying. If he has a day at the office like that in the world cup we'll be done for.
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