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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Los Lover, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Locksley has revealed that the pop balls target is pre-determined.

    Who else thinks this is a load of ******** and that we should have been able to aim it to a recepient?

    I am nitpicking of course, becos compared to the issues with RC2006 it is a little thing, but with this latest offering showing so many signs of excellence, I feel it prudent to address the things that have been glossed over during its praise...

    namely: pop balls pre-determined


    hardness of beating AI on hard (partly answered, but closer to release must be clarified by someone who has actually played hard level consistently for 100 hours PLUS). Locksley 0 world league hard is always hard...we need to know, say, theresult of a 20min game by you against, say, SA with NZ, on hardest level - and then tell us the score. You say, you have to make few mistakes to win on hrad, HOWEVER good players and gamers don't make errors, we have to be outdone by sheer and utter class - does the opposition provide this and prove too much at times? Don't wory, if you lose, we will actually be happier.....so don't fudge the score if you take a towelling. Thanks Grand Master of reviewing..the one the call, "the Great One."


    Editing and creation specifics (scrum cap colours, body types, can you edit current players and keep likenesses etc etc etc)

    Apart from this I am expecting the best rugby game ever!! Yeeeefriggin'haaaa!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. maddog79

    maddog79 Guest

    I personally am not fussed by offloads - as long as its there. Its not often that you have MANY options available at one time for a split-second descision to pass, so i think it will be ok.

    As for the difficulty, im not sure what the story is there, hard is a challenge but not impossible imo so...

    And I would like to see a more in-depth editing system which rivals FIFA.

    Kudos to Locksley for all his work, and i too will be expecting the best rugby game ever!! w00t!!
  4. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Come on guys, lets not let reviews and previews sway us completely!

    Knowsleyroader seems to be the most level headed about games and he gives rugby06 7.9 .

    Locksley gives it 92%, that gives it only 8% away from perfection! It's only his opinion, and he is great at providing info on games, I just sometimes think he gets VERY enthused.

    I reckon we just hope for at game thats 10-15% better than last year. Thats going to be a great step for one year, and would put the score around about where Knowsley is saying.

    I think being realistic is the only thing that will make you happy with this game. Riding this constant rollercoaster of emotions (Hate EA, Hopeful about EA, Mildly pleased with the title for two weeks, Mildly disappointed in EA for the next month, Hate the game and EA three months later and calling it a joke), is just getting ridiculous.

    Lets just hope for reasonable improvement. It's what we've been steadily getting.

    Best ever?

    Who's mug enough to hope for that? Seriously......... [​IMG]
  5. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    People who hate EA end up burning in hell for their sins.

    Im expecting a 8/10 game to be honest, But the better it is, the sadder SANZAR is, which make's me happy. The World League looks nice, hopefully they will scrap it next time round for a Manager-type mode. From what I can gather the AI still don't buy players, which is annoying, hopefully i'm wrong.
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    well i aint hoping for alot

    i want manual breakdowns, and they dont exist for the 3rd installment

    offloads - yeah great, but auto picked..........FFS remember JLR, with inside balls, and outside balls - they are gone with this offload system

    hit x and boom, it goes anywhere

    after playing 2005 again, its too frustrating

    i am on the BLIC bandwagon again hoping for the FISH to be a nice and tender Swordy...mmmmmmmmm yummy

    EA sports - Its all in shame

    am buying both still - never put your eggs in one basket.........just ask the sluts
  7. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    well, it WILL be the best...even if it wasn't that good.

    rugby 2005 is currently the best.

    rugby 2006 is of course better - sooooooooooooo, whollah!!!

    also - I like rugby 2005....much, much more than WCR......
    I don't care about rolling mauls et al like others.....a game should capture the crowd-pumping moments of a sport first and then the intricate ones later.
    having intricate maul play (supposedly) and then SFA else is ********.

    10-15% better than rugby 2005 would have it at at least 85% for me anyway - so that is ALL good. rugby 2005 minus three or four faults was always going to be a GREAT game for me, and that is what they did. so, yes, even now, it is obvious it will be the best rugby game ever.

    It might not be the best 'rolling maul look-at-it-go!' game - but I could give two shits about that frankly.

    Bring on rugby 06.
    I will hire WCR2 next week (if it is not delayed again), but I think it is accepted that it will be inferior. It has speed bar guyz - speed bar. It has no jump......how from there, can it fight its way back to being a better game than rugby06? If it didn't have offloads....would it even be better than rugby05? I'm not so sure.

    To enjoy rugby 05 you must first edit and then develop crack co-ordination and anticipation to avoid the games many pitfalls (to some degree - even if only slightly, if that's all you can will yourself to believe) - frustration slowly turns to quiet satisfaction. Anyway, point is, once I do the same with the blank canvas that is the upgraded and kick-ass rugby 06.....I will be in gaming nirvana. I am confident of this.

    Otherwise, please address topic's questions etc.......pop balls, editing and AI on hard - so good is the game looking - that those are the only real three questions gamers like us have left to answer.

    I have a hundred questions re: RC2006...maybe more. That says a lot.
  8. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Well, other than the frustration of manual rucks, which is stupid not to have, I think this should be a real fun game.

    Just not the holy grail of games, JLR still has it's own brand of fun. Our flat is playing it again! Still kicking flatmate ass!
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    yes pop balls should be aimed etc I totally agree......what is the case with the WCR2 ones...? can you elaborate...curious.

  10. esoj

    esoj Guest

    knowsley though prefers a league style of game so rc2006 is right up his alley so you have to take his view on that into consideration as well. it has to go both ways not just one way with knowsley. locksley may get other enthused but I don't think that over inflates his view anymore than knowsley's are slightly over critical.

    in the end we have to make our own minds up on the game knowsley and locksley just give us information to make a better decision on which games to buy.

    I personally think the real score of games is somewhere in between knowsley's and locksley's.

    some people ak47 aren't lucky enough to be able to get both so they will have to choose one over the other and that is why trf is so great. we get informed preview/reviews about games so that the right choices can be made ie blic over ea2005
  11. I actually think the offloads are better in RC2006, a lot more go to ground and in EA06 the pass is actually drawn to the nearest player at times. That doesnt seem to happen in 06 and thats why it goes to ground more. I also find the bunching of players in EA06 detracts from the offloads a lot of the time in that you can see the X come up for an offload but its just going into the crowd and you cant actually see whats going on.

    06 is definately an improvement on 05 but what I have found is where on 05 I was moaning about the kicking and animations, now they have gone im finding the things that were passable in 05 more annoying in 06.

    For me the diagonal thing is most annoying and im scoring the same type of tries over and over again. In RC06 I seem to be making breaks all over the place and its very different. I also think you have more time on the ball with any one player than in any other rugby game which I like. Rucks also seem much fairer and it becomes annoying in 06 when you know your going to get turned over because you have made a break and are right near the opposition line so turnover time.

    Dont want to sound like I hate EA06 because I dont, but am enjoying RC more at the moment I have to say.
  12. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Weird eh? I feel exactly the opposite way. The more I played Rugby 06, the more I loved it, yet the more I play RC2006 the more I wish I hadn't played Rugby 06, because I know I'd enjoy RC2006 better if I hadn't. Confusing? Yep.

    I agree with Knowsley about the offloads in the middle of the park with the bunching, but when you're out wide and there's no bunching the offloads are sublime. It's great to watch the replay and see the ball carrier going through the offload animation.

    After serious play on both games, Rugby 2006 is the one I most like. Don't get me wrong, I do like Rugby Challenge a lot, and if I hadn't played 06, I would've LOVED it. But the fact of the matter is, Rugby 06 offers much more, with a slower pace and more variety of ways to play, including successful forward play, set plays, great defending, high tackles etc etc, and that's the one I prefer.

    However, both games offer superb control, not only with the passing & tackling etc, but kicking is excellent in both games too. The icing on the cake for both of them is the superb control you have with the ball carrier. Responsive is an understatement for both games.

    As said before, there's definitely room for both games in your collection, and with RC2006 only retailing at around £17, you'd be a fool to miss out.
  13. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Damn right, Locksley. I'll definitely own both!
  14. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Locks a couple of Q's

    is the classic view still playing up and is this a final build you are playing?

    Also I was abit worried about the comment about scoring the same tries. Do you agree with this?


  15. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    Hey C A you have the RC 2006 and you are already reverting to JLR so soon after purchasing it does not bode well for RC.

    I am sure it has its good points but I feel that Rugby 2006 is the one for me. I know RC is cheap but man I don`t want to buy a game again that lasts for an hour.

    After reading Locks latest post I just feel for me personally EA will be the one for me.

    I never thought I would say this but because of the licenses and knowing that it is basically 2005 with the faults ironed out I am excited.

    If RC had at least a player editor to ceate our own players for the Souther Hem I would have happily sat for hours creating the players.
  16. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Naa Bokke. We're just rugby game nuts in our flat. Whenever a new game comes out, we pull out JLR for a few games to compare and bring back the old rivalries. It's no reflection on anything else said about RC2006.

    JLR is just the fastest fun rugby game for a lot of us, and it's always a pleasure to play it again.

    Man I wish they would re-release it, with no graphic improvement necessary. Just new squads, and online play.

    Then it'd be guaranteed rugby heaven for a lot of us!!!

    It's sad really, I'll never get to kick springbok ass at JLR. [​IMG]
  17. spearman

    spearman Guest

    Knowsley and Locks - how bad is the diaginal running in rugby06?
    As bad as 05?
  18. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    Man could you imagine getting a couple of games together SA NZ would have been awesome. SA where good in the game and the forwards really strong but getting to the breakdown they were a fraction off the pace, so very tough to play against NZ and if you have tried them OZ is wicked in that game.

    I never realised until a while afterwards do yourself a favour if you have not given OZ a chance. Play with OZ against NZ and check out how quick they recycle ball. Man and i think the winger I think his name is Smith is as strong as Lomu in that game.
  19. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    Sorry back on topic. Man at least we have an offload option even if there is not much choice of who it goes to at least there is the option to keep the game play flowing.

    A bit like real rugby guys and you are about to offload the ball there is normally only one option for the offload depending from which side you are tackled etc. Its not like you have the chance as you are being brought down to think hold on let me look left & right (you can occasionally if it is a weak tackle)and then offload. There is normally only one guy literally on your shoulder and the the other guy is fraction to far away to receive the offload in most cases. The guy running in support will normally run to the correct side as it easy for him to see which side he will be able to offload on.

    I am sure Los will have other ideas!

    Hey Los just out of interest and this is not an attack so take a prozac before you read this, do you still play rugby or have you ever played for real.

    Hmmm wonder if the bait is big enough to attract a Los White [​IMG]
  20. paddyknight

    paddyknight Guest

    im not sure i agree about the kicking lox, my impression of it is that the opposition rarely if ever misses there optimum touch for that player, and when you are kicking you 50% of the time dont even get near getting it away before you are tackled.
    this is rc2006 by the way.
    also, about offloads los, you press l1 or r1 when to offload one way or the other
  21. davidson

    davidson Guest

    to be fair,

    i think los has a point, offloads should have been integrated into the standard passing system (ie, hold down the button gong into the tackle and release for the offload etc). it does sound a little like the new system sounds like a bolt on addition.

    given the choice of player for the offload gives you the ability to make a good or bad choice and there is potential for **** ups.

    from what the guys who have played it have said, it seems like its a little too accurate at the moment.

    i spose we will have to wait and see.

    i played third div npc when i was a lad and i doubt there were many who ever got a decent offload from me. the one option was a bit too much choice normally.
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