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Possibly time to start kicking around the idea of a new Rugby game from EA?

TGi Harry

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Oct 27, 2014
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Maybe it's too early to think about this.. maybe the right time for EA to make a new Rugby game will be around the 2019 world cup but my thoughts on them making one around now would be because of the England rugby teams success rate at the minute? with England being a country that will most likely lead on the sales front of a new game I would have thought this would be a great time to act on creating a new video game?
EA have never ade rugby games, they just put thier name to games made by other people.
Rugby 15/the last two Rugby World Cup games are the latest offerings from the people behind the EA games.
Rugby is not a profitable market for a big company to get behind. Support games like Rugby Challenge that have the potential to get better. Stop supporting games like "Rugby 15" and "Rugby world cup" which are horrible horrible games, that don't deserve any money. The only hope Rugby games have to get anywhere close to say "Madden" or "NBA 2K17" is if a company crowdfunded a potential game and got the support they needed from the community. At this stage Rugby Challenge is the closest we'll get to a good rugby game. EA Will never have any interest in rugby, that I can assure you of.
Yeah rugby 15 and rugby world cup where insults to rugby video games. But i still believe that if not now then in the near future a big company will take on a rugby game. The popularity for the support is growing significantly.
If Rugby really takes off in America then we may get one. Hopefully they'll just give there resources to another company to do one
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