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ecks tartan army

I would like to pilot a predictor league using this weekends 5 Magners League matches, with a view to rolling it out properly next season. I have chosen the Magners League purley because it has a full round of fixtures this weekend, unlike most leagues. next season the league used will be determined by why league the majority of particiants follow.

the rules are simple:
1. predict winner, score and first try-scorer from each game.
2. 1 point is awarded for the correct winner
3. 3 points are awarded for the correct scoreline
4. 1 point for first try-scorer
5. a bonus point is awarded to anyone who predicts the winner of every game
6. only rule 3 OR 4 applies, not both!

i will produce a league table of users, and possibly of clubs and countries (using average points from supporters of that club/country)

I already run a "Champions Leauge" predictor on a football forum which has been a huge success, and i feel the principal could work well here. (i may need to tinker with the rules slightly, but thats the idea of piloting it now)

i just hope this hasnt been done before and i havent noticed! :lol:

note to admin: feel free to move this if you feel it would be better suited to another board.
Sounds interesting.
It would be good to do a trial run on the last games of the Mangers League.
Unfortuantely, there a little more than half a dozen people that even look into the Magners league section.
Don't expect a rush of contestants.
TBH, im not exactly looking for masses of contestants this week, just a few competitors to test it out ahead of next season and i would be happy.

but next season, thats a different story! ;)
ok, this weeks predictions (remember, score from each game + first try scorer):

11 May
Cardiff Blues v Leinster - 1910
Llanelli Scarlets v Connacht - 1910
Ulster v Edinburgh Gunners - 1930

12 May
Border Reivers v Ospreys - 1730
Munster v Glasgow Warriors - 1730

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