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Premiership Rugby 21/22 - Rd 2


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Dec 28, 2015
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London Wasps

They don't - not against Bath.
We've been playing even worse; just against opposition who didn't really put us away.
Thing is (and it was well summed up by Eggchasers) , Bath have these unbelievable England players (Obano, Dunn, Stuart, Ewels, Underhill, Faletau, Watson, Spencer, Big Joe, Redpath etc the list goes on but most are never around for Bath at the key stages.

Lots of money on big players but due to success individually, suffer as a team. Lots of young players will come to the floor as season goes on (De Glanville, Bailey, Ojomoh, Reid etc) but there needs to be a conscious game plan and i have to be honest i'm not sure Bath have that at times. Hooper is an emotional and passionate club choice but I wonder was he thrown in the deep end too early. It feels similar to Johnson taking over England not being ready for leadership. I know he had time under blackadder but i'm still not sure he was ready for such a step up.

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