Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Elissalde9, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Elissalde9

    Elissalde9 Guest

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  3. moriap90

    moriap90 Guest

    demo for 2008 surely?
  4. Elissalde9

    Elissalde9 Guest

    Yes i'm sure, but i would say 2008 not 2006, i'm sorry
  5. moriap90

    moriap90 Guest

    yeh no probs. any word on the release date? the football manager demo is out today also try
  6. alexviv

    alexviv Guest

    good demo, I hope that will be good also the game :)
  7. sEnzje

    sEnzje Guest

    I think this is the best PES i've played so far (started with pes 2)

    i love diving, but most of the time the ref knows that it was a dive :p but cant wait for the full game
  8. Did they only choose the licensed teams in the demo?
  9. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i wont be getting this until i hear if online is lag free

    i played the demo - its nba jam's version of soccer

    its quick, and arcady - but fun

    now if they fix lag, it will be a blast, but defo not a simulation, like the previous pro evo's

    i really hope konami change the angle they are approaching this series, instead of changing the gameplay, they should make it 2006 gameplay with a massive in-depth career mode, and online leagues and options

    master league has gone stale it needs a kick up the guts.

    Although i am not writing them off.....i just hope it gets better then demo
  10. I love the demo so I am going to adore the full game.
  11. Malherbe

    Malherbe Guest

    the demo is great, thanx for sharing it here ;)
  12. juan91

    juan91 Guest

    Brillant dEmO!!!!!

    ThaKs foR SheRe It With Us
  13. elcaras

    elcaras Guest

    The game have been updated graphic wise, but the gameplay don't click with me, it seems to fast, also the running animation seems really unrealistic. The defense hasn't improved, it's really easy to take messi or kaka and just dribble all the opposing team. Seen as pes 6 on the 360 online had some serious flaws on this aspect making all ranked games a brazil vs inter adriano fest, I think they could have updated this issue.
  14. lyon

    lyon Guest

    anyone have a rough estimate of how long this will take to d.load?
  15. melon

    melon Guest

    Well it depends on the speed of your internet connection...the file is 1.1Gb. Here's a rough guide presuming your connection would download uninterrupted at 80-90% capactiy.

    24mbps - 13minutes
    1.5mbps - 3.4hours
    512kbps - 10 hours
    56kbps - 91.5 hours
    28.8kbps - 177.8 hours
    14.4kbps - 355.6 hours
  16. JohanM

    JohanM Guest

    The demo and the game are really bad this year , he is so fast to be a good simulation of football
  17. Dragonx

    Dragonx Guest

    I think that PES6 is better than this. Graphics are very poor.
  18. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    is it really THAT bad? I thought I might get it just for the diving aspect.
  19. Enguelaz

    Enguelaz Guest

    From what I hear, if you've got a 360 or PS3 go for Fifa 08 - I am myself a huge fan of PES, but seems this year EA worked heaps on the gameplay, while konami seem to have take the Arcade alley... not looking good...

    However if you have a PC only, PES seems top be the way to go as EA had changed nothing to the gameplay and grphics of Fifa 08 for PC... go figure...
  20. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    My loyalties just won't let me buy Fifa. Just..can'
  21. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    My loyalties just won't let me buy Fifa. Just..can' [/b][/quote]

    What loyalties?

    Stay loyal to yourself mate - get the better product
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